Decide to succeed and make every decision count. In eight simple steps, Bev James, the 'Millionaires' Mentor' teaches you how to focus on the ideas that work and how to ditch those that steal time and distract from the bigger picture.

DO IT! OR DITCH IT - Turn ideas into action and make decisions that count Whether you are starting up in business, already running a company or just want to be better at your job, the Do It! Or Ditch It approach will help you succeed every step of the way and prevent terminal drift.

Bev's book, plus a Do It! Or Ditch It checklist pad and a bookmark! Just £15.49 including delivery.

"The must-read book for every entrepreneur at all stages of business building, particularly before big ideas are launched."

James Caan, Founder and CEO at Hamilton Bradshaw

"Do It! or Ditch It - definitely a book for those serious about achievement. Clear, direct and inspiring. Just do it and reap the rewards."

Richard Deny, Author of Selling to Win

"Bev James shows you not only the route to your success - but explains the step-by-step actions to get you there."

Peter Thomson is regarded as one of the UK's leading strategists on business and personal growth



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