We caught up with our inspiring and award-winning coach, Elizabeth Wyn-Davies for a quick Q&A for the Coach in The Spotlight column.

Elizabeth shared more about her impressive coaching work within the Corporate and Executive sector, and the benefits of being a life-long learner. We hope you enjoy her inspiring story. 

Can you introduce yourself and your business?

I’m Liz Wyn-Davies and my business is called Manago.   I am passionate about coaching and The Coaching Academy, having first qualified with the Academy in 2003!   I have therefore been using coaching tools and techniques for a considerable length of time.   Until 3 years ago, I was running a design and manufacturing business with my husband employing 70 plus people and I regularly coached managers within the business to enable them to grow and develop both in terms of their own personal ambitions and from the way in which they managed their people and teams. 

The strategy for our business changed 3 years ago and we decided it was a great opportunity for me to branch out and develop my own business. I, therefore, decided to launch Manago.  As well as offering ISO standards’ consultancy,  one of the goals for my business has been to grow a strong and thriving coaching business, and 3 years on I am delighted to say that this initial goal has been achieved.

When I left the business I built with my husband, I decided to retrain with The Coaching Academy and this was the best decision!  The staff welcomed me back so warmly and every one of them without exception has been so supportive throughout my training.  I am so grateful to all the incredible staff at the Academy.  I chose the Protégé Programme and this has been invaluable as it has given me such a rounded experience of all the potential areas within which to develop my coaching niche.

What is your coaching niche?

Currently, my coaching niche is growing and developing businesses.  I coach managers and executives working within these businesses on a wide range of topics, including the challenges that they encounter every day.   I have recently been doing some European funded work which focuses on growing businesses through the power of coaching within key growth areas.   In addition to coaching businesses around strategy, I coach many Senior Executives and this opens up so much opportunity for using so many of the wonderful tools and techniques that the Academy have taught me.   For example, when dealing with conflict I have used techniques from my NLP toolbox as well as my Corporate training, and this has been very successful with clients.  When coaching some Executives, the sessions frequently enter the areas covered within the PPD modules, e.g. Values and Beliefs, Time Management etc.   

Can you tell us about your experience of winning Executive Coach of the Year at the 2018 awards?

The Executive Coach of the Year award was a truly incredible experience.   I was not expecting to win the award at all as there were so many brilliant contenders, who would all have been worthy winners.   I was so happy and delighted when I went up to receive my award from the amazing and inspirational Ann Skidmore!    I just wanted to thank The Coaching Academy staff so much for giving me the confidence and the ability to achieve this, through their wonderful training and inspiration.   It was fantastic to be amongst all my Coaching Academy friends, some of whom also won awards and I was so happy for them too.  It was a great evening of celebration and I found it truly inspirational to catch up with so many fellow coaches and staff - it was such a memorable and wonderful evening which I will never forget.

How has the award benefitted you personally and professionally? 

To be recognised by the Academy for my Executive Coaching has been of great benefit to me personally as it has given me huge confidence knowing the Academy are behind me and I have had many more enquiries about my coaching thanks to people hearing about the fact that I have won the Award. The award has enabled me to increase my clients and publicise the benefits and importance of coaching for each and every one of us - it is my passion and the award has given me the platform to reach out so many people about the power of coaching. 

What was your favourite part of the awards evening? 

My favourite part of the Awards evening was the wonderful atmosphere generated throughout the evening of celebration and inspiration from all who attended the evening.  I felt so privileged to be part of such a fantastic event! 



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