Get yourself in the successful mind-set by thinking about the winning sequence: BE! DO! HAVE!

Get yourself in the successful mind-set by thinking about the winning sequence: BE! DO! HAVE!


The HAVE! Trap

Have you ever stopped yourself from going ahead and achieving your goals because you don’t HAVE! everything in place already? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to have stuff in order to do stuff to become who you want to be. To have what we want in our lives, we need to change the things we already have in our life; it’s clear that mind-set and action is crucial.

Many people mix up the BE! DO! HAVE! sequence like this, and so many fantastic goals are never met.


Taking action in our lives can be hard- there is a reason why you have not been doing it already: obstacles, challenges and reality can seem to get in the way. One of the most common and challenging obstacles we can have is our own mind-set.

This is why before you DO! you need to BE! We have to BE the person we want to be in every fibre of our being before we can actually become that person. As the famous saying goes: “fake it 'til you make it”.

When we are worried about not being able to take action, we can easily get stuck in the self-fulfilling prophecy of “I am not so I cannot”: I am not a confident person, so I cannot deliver a public speech I am not a fit and active person so I cannot train to run a marathon Self-limiting beliefs will dictate your actions. But it’s not about what you have right now, it’s about what you intend to achieve, and the mind-set you put to that. You have the power to decide who you are.


Once you begin to live your life as if you have already achieved your goal, you will easily begin to make steps to fulfil it. If you think of yourself as the kind of person who can run marathons, training will quickly become part of your daily life- it will become part of who you are.


In time, the small efforts that you do regularly as a result of your mind-set will lead you to achieve, and have, the results you want. Once your mind-set aligns with your actions like this, you have the winning formula; you will naturally be on the path to success.



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