This week, our accomplished coach and 2018 Coaching Within Education Award winner, Debra McAndrew shared with us her inspiring coaching journey and how coaching transformed her life and career. Debra also shared her amazing 2018 Awards experience and how this has benefited her launch of a new website targeting a new market within the Early Years and Childcare Sector where she has been working for nearly 30 years.

We hope you enjoy reading Debra’s journey.

What inspired you to enrol with The Coaching Academy?

I’d made two decisions: to leave a post I’d held for many years; and I wanted to become an independent Early Years Education/Childcare Business Advisor but needed a boost to get me on track. I was at a ‘crossroads’ but came across the Free 2-Day course with the Coaching Academy. It went far beyond my expectations - fast-paced, interactive, engaging, fun, and totally professional and I knew then, that I also wanted to gain the Personal Performance Diploma and be qualified in this field.

What was the most rewarding part of your journey?

During my training, I soon realised that pure coaching would enhance my skills – I learnt so much more about people and became more self-aware (important attributes). I had been training and developing young people and staff previously but what was most rewarding was the realisation that coaching helps to release the potential in others and to empower them; helping people to find their own way and to achieve success, whatever this may be for them.

What is your coaching niche and why did you choose it?

It’s taken a while to be clear about this and to ‘choose’ a niche. During my career, I have grown in confidence regarding my own skills and expertise and I know what I most enjoy and what interests me most about my work. However, it has been on hearing what others have said about my skills (through acquiring testimonials) that has helped me to appreciate this; I use my coaching skills to help people to seek solutions with leadership and people management, team and personal development issues; building the best working and personal relationships to make for effective and harmonious lives.

Tell us about your 2018 Awards experience - How did you feel to be recognised for your outstanding work?

The lead up to the event and the evening itself was amazing; to hear that I had been shortlisted and later to become a finalist with so many interesting and incredible people made me feel both privileged and overwhelmed. It was great to be able to showcase my work within early years and childcare and to talk about my experiences and my life-changing journey with The Coaching Academy.

How has winning potentially benefitted your coaching business? 

To be able to say that I am an ‘International Coaching Awards Winner’ I believe will give me more recognition both in the Early Years and Childcare Sector, in which I’ve been working for nearly 30 years and to develop my work as a coach within other sectors using transferable skills in leadership and people management. I’ve just launched a new website as well, to appeal to a new market so the timing is perfect for me – thanks to all at The Coaching Academy.

You can catch up with Debra and her dedicated work to children and families here  



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