TCA coach, Debora Luzi, recently sat down with us for a quick Q&A session for the Coaches’ 'Getting Clients’ Top Tips series this week. We hope you enjoy…

How did you decide to become a coach?

Before I started coaching, I used to be an events and marketing manager for a very high-profile restaurant. I became a coach through fate. I was at work and wasn’t treated very well by my boss and I was very unhappy. One day, I saw an advert for The Coaching Academy's Free 2-Day Foundation in Life Coaching event while sitting at my desk. I’ve had a coach before, and I remember that the first session I had with her, I thought “I like this”. So, I was curious and signed up to the Free 2-Days and I followed my curiosity.

Can you summarise your experience with The Coaching Academy?

I remember going to the Free 2-Day event with a friend of mine and from the moment I went there, I think, after the first hour I was already hooked. I knew already that’s what I wanted to do. The people were amazing, very supportive. I met a lot of people. From day 1 and the experience that we had, I saw that it could change my life. I signed up for the Personal Performance Diploma and the journey was amazing. People at the Accelerator days, the support I received from the TCA team and the student groups were just what I needed. Perfect!

How has coaching helped you?

I wasn’t in a very good place before I went to the 2-Day event. I had some coaching sessions before, and I knew that if I wanted to move forward in my life and if I wanted to find the right career, I had to change things in my life.

I remember my friend said to me, “So you want to become a coach to sort your own life out?” I said, “Yes, so what?” You need to feel good and be happy yourself first, so you’re able to help others.

How did you build your client base and get your first client?

My first ever client was an old friend of mine who studied with The Coaching Academy the same time with me. So, I did my practice with her. I then qualified and we started working together and that was my first ever client. From there, it all started to be word-of-mouth. The thing I did which was key for me, was that I was everywhere. I started to do videos, to be present online and to tell people what I was doing (friends and family). I also have a Facebook group that has women from all over the world. I keep it very active with motivation and inspiration. Wherever you go, take what you do with you. It’s part of your skin, part of your clothes. Make videos as well!

What are your top tips for coaches getting clients?

What would you say to people thinking of enrolling?

Two words, “Do it”. There is no question - Coaching totally changed my life. If you knew me when I started about 3 years ago, I was a totally different person. Coaching has helped me change myself, change my relationships with people. I’ve become more positive to truly go and do the things that I love.

Debora is a passionate coach at Debora Luzi Coaching and Healing, who helps female entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses. She challenges clients to dare every day and abolish excuses.

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