About 5 years ago, I was in a career rut and was questioning everything about what I was doing. I had been a Primary School teacher for nearly 20 years, had taken a break to raise my daughter and was really struggling to get back in to it because everything had moved on apace. But I didn’t think there was anything else I could do. Eventually I contacted a Life Coach, called David Jessop. I began working with him and, as well as coaching me to move forward, that led to him working with me in school with the children. He inspired me so much I decided I wanted to do what he did.

I wanted to reignite people with their passion and purpose and, one day, to help children and young people to take greater control over their thinking. He had trained with The Coaching Academy and now trains for them, so it was an obvious place for me to start.

At the end of July 2015 I went on TCA’s Free 2-Day course and I was hooked immediately! Everything we did resonated with me and by lunchtime on the first day I knew that I was going to enrol. I was literally floating on air. I could do this!

When I began the Personal Performance Diploma, I particularly loved the Accelerator Days. I discovered I was nervous of meeting new people which came as a total surprise to me and had to be overcome. Two days particularly stood out for me: Values and Beliefs day and Disc Profiling. Pam Lidford, one of the TCA inspirational trainers was pivotal. She used me to demonstrate how powerful this area was and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be the beneficiary of her amazing coaching. DISC taught me so much about myself and others. I have even taught my family about it and my 14 year old daughter is really good at spotting some of the different styles, which helps her cope with a variety of situations.

Fitting training in with full time teaching wasn’t easy and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family. There were days when I had coaching appointments booked after work and I would feel overwhelmed at the prospect. But every time I got started, I felt absolutely energised and buzzing to help people make these great changes to their lives.

Having achieved my Diploma with a Distinction in August, I am standing at the threshold of a very exciting phase of my life. I have my own business, Open Door Thinking, and I am going part time as a teacher in January to concentrate on building it up. There is a lot to learn about running and marketing a business and as I have spent all my working life in education, this is a massive learning curve. Yes, I have fears and doubts, but my training has helped massively with those. And I still have my coach too!

My niche is still refining itself. One day I might coach in education, which was the original goal, but I am thoroughly enjoying working with a more diverse client based for now, so I am a Personal Success Coach. I love seeing people realise their goals and feel good about themselves when they realise what they can achieve and watching them grow as they move forward.

I couldn’t recommend The Coaching Academy highly enough as a training body. The training materials are comprehensive, the tutors are totally inspirational and approachable and the fellow students you meet are on the same page as you. There is a wonderfully supportive atmosphere at the Accelerator Days. To those currently in training, I would repeat the same message you have heard a thousand times: keep up with the paperwork, don’t leave it until the end! It really is very useful if you do it as you go along, and it is well thought through to enable you to make the most of your coaching journey if you use it properly. If you are about to qualify, then I am so excited for you! You have nearly completed a fantastic course which will equip you to make a difference in your own and other peoples’ lives. Keep going, it’s so worth it!

Through coaching I have found my passion and purpose. Now I’m helping others do the same.

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