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It's no surprise that in recent years the coaching industry has exploded and according to The International Coaching Federation it has no signs of stopping anytime soon.

It’s no surprise that in recent years the coaching industry has exploded and according to The International Coaching Federation it has no signs of stopping anytime soon.
Those who are considering life coaching as a career path may have questions such as:

  • Is the coaching industry oversaturated?
  • Is there a demand for coaches?
  • Is there too much competition to be a coach?

Whilst it may seem like coaching has only recently become very popular, a global study conducted by the International Coach Federation, the industry’s largest trade association estimated 41,300 active professional coaches worldwide generating nearly $2 billion in annual revenue with continual year on year growth and changes in the economic climate, more and more people are starting to explore additional career options that can bend with the twists and turns that we’re taking as a society and coaching fits the bill.

Even with all of the research, data and statistics backing up these findings, some still may worry that there are too many coaches or they may struggle to find coaching clients. Others may have the misconception that if you want to study to become a life coach you need to ‘have it all together’ first, which couldn’t be further from the truth, you’re human and a work in progress like the rest of us. When you’re studying for a Coaching qualification although you may be learning how to coach others the first person you’ll start coaching is yourself, giving you plenty of time to enhance your level of self-awareness, exercise your empathy muscles and transform your current reality.

Having seen thousands of motivated individuals attend our free 2-day events, we want to ease any concerns that you may have so that you can feel confident throwing caution to the wind and taking a leap towards doing something that motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm.

Concern #1 ‘I will struggle to find clients’

A lack mentality can create a lack reality, for those of you who are fans of the law of attraction it will be common knowledge that you get what you put out, in simple terms if you believe that you won’t find any clients or it’s difficult to get clients then those will be the results you attract regardless of what the facts or statistics show. The impact of the recession may be a part of economics but it doesn’t need to be a part of your story. Plenty of businesses have continued to thrive, even in the darkest financial moments and there are hundreds of start-ups that are booming, Air BnB and Uber are just two examples.  If you get the right guidance and enter the market with an attitude that you’re determined to be a successful coach that is willing to do what it takes and maintain a success mind-set then nothing can stop you from attracting coaching clients.

Concern #2 ‘Is there a demand for Coaches?’
As a society many peoples values have changed and as a result more and more of us are craving flexibility, fulfilment and to do something meaningful with our lives. Many want to create a work-life balance and have financial security. Life coaching as a career not only provides us with an opportunity to live a better life but more and more people are starting to turn to coaches for assistance with their own life transitions, whether it be a divorce, a change of job, better health or having the courage to pursue their passion. As well as personal and life coaching many corporate companies are continuing to see the benefits of coaching in assisting employees with relationships, teamwork and job satisfaction resulting in fewer sick days and less employee turnover which provides a significant return on investment. Many are starting to see the value and benefit of coaching and so they are willing to pay for coaches to fill their needs.
Concern #3 ‘there’s too much competition’
Society has changed, we have naturally evolved into a more collaborative economy, the increase of referrals, re-tweets, post shares and affiliate marketing has exploded in recent years creating a cultural shift that promotes a ‘sharing is caring’ mentality. This shift in consciousness is great news for coaches because it means that more and more coaches are willing to come together, join forces and reach more people on their mission to make the world a better place.   Not only are people more collaborative but another important factor to remember when concerned about competition is that no two coaches are ever the same, your life experiences and motivators are unique to you and clients that resonate with your story may find that yours is relatable to them, as a result they may be drawn to YOU coaching them.
Concern #4 ‘I don’t know what my niche is’
Coaching is a career that allows you to work in alignment with your values in any industry that you’ve had experience in or have a passion for. We have had thousands of Coaches qualify with us over the years who now coach in a variety of industries, some are Youth Coaches, Parent Coaches, International Coaches, NLP Coaches, Health Coaches, Corporate Coaches and plenty more. Each niche has been born from a driving force to make a difference, inspire others and encourages others to succeed, with no shortage of niches to choose from with the right support and tools you can get the clarity that you need to help you define your very own niche!
So there you have it, you can now rest assured safe in the knowledge that the coaching industry is thriving with plenty of opportunities and scope for growth, it could be your golden ticket to tailor your career around your divine life purpose, the choice is yours!



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