Thanks to community leader Deepti Goyal for sharing the key information about the group that she runs.

What is the name of your coaching community?

The Middlesex and Hertfordshire Coaching Community.

Where do you meet?

The Hare, 55 Brookshill, Harrow, Middlesex HA3 6SD.

Some meetings might be held online too.

On occasions, we hire a meeting room depending on the demands of the meeting topic.

When does the group meet?

Once a month on a Tuesday 11am to 1pm.

What does a regular meeting look like?

Typically a meeting would last for 2 hours. During which we begin with introductions, what stage of qualification that each attendee is at, and also what they aim to get out of the meeting. Then we spend 60 to 90 minutes on a particular topic that would have been pre-decided. On occasions, we may have a visiting expert who would share their expertise with the coaches, whilst at other times, one of the Community coaches would present on a topic of their interest. There is always time at the end for attendees to bring forward any questions that they may have regarding their qualification, or Coaching /Coaching business related. How many people attend? The numbers can vary from 4 to 12.

What sort of people attend?

We have coaches at all stages of qualification attend. Some are new to The Coaching Academy while others might be well on their way to qualifying or towards the end of their qualification. Also those who might have qualified a while back, and want to get back into coaching.

What makes your group different to others?

Over the five years that this Community has been running, we have predominantly had coaches getting support in the qualification process. Thus, the likely thing that sets this Community apart is the fact that it has offered extensive support on the qualification process while working on Coaching skills too.

What would you say has been the best moment for the group?

A few months ago we had the privilege of having Pam Lidford come to The Middlesex and Hertfordshire Coaching Community as a speaker. This was an intimate group of 12 people, kept small on purpose to give the group a chance to have maximum interaction with Pam and be able to ask questions and get a 1-2-1 answer. The feedback from the group said that such opportunity has been of great value to them. This I can say that this meeting was one of the best moments for the group and all those who attended.

Often coaches attending the meetings share their concerns, worries and apprehensions about qualifying not only with a distinction but also within their own time frame. When these coaches share with excitement their success in qualifying just as they wanted to, also stand for one of the best moments of this Community.

What benefits do you experience?

I get to meet, interact and work with coaches and coaches in training from all walks of life, at different stages of qualification and from different parts of the world. I gain tremendous amount of satisfaction and fulfilment from helping and supporting coaches through their training period.

What benefits do you think the group members experience?

The attendees experience the following benefits...

  1. A platform to meet and find study/work buddies.
  2. Renewed confidence and motivation in their ability and skill to be able to qualify with the results they want.
  3. Saving time and wasted effort by hearing about and learning from other coaches' mistakes.
  4. Being part of a small friendly Community, working with like minded individuals to make their journey easier rather than feeling isolated and having to do it alone.
  5. Meeting people face to face, who might be in the same situation as them, as opposed to interacting just online or over the phone.
  6. The meetings offer a professional yet relaxed and friendly environment for all.
  7. A platform for you to learn and grow and get the best out of yourself.
  8. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to share their knowledge and achievements.
  9. All the meetings have a structure and identifiable benefits.
  10. Meetings involve interesting and topical agenda items as well as guest speakers who are experts in their chosen field.

What’s the best thing about your group?

The Middlesex and Hertfordshire Coaching Community has seen Coaches and trainee Coaches attend not only from the these two counties, but also from other surrounding counties like Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

Also this community primarily seeing trainee coaches, offers a rich place to find other coaches at the same stage of qualification and life situations just like yourself.

Deepti would love to have you at one of the future meetings to help support you on your Coaching journey. Please feel free to contact her on 07588903552 or email Further information can be found



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