Thanks to community leader David Wise for sharing the key information about the group that he runs in Bristol.

Thanks to community leader David Wise for sharing the key information about the group that he runs in Bristol.

What is the name of your coaching community?

Bristol Coaching Group

Where do you meet?

Lloyds Banking Group, Canons House, Bristol BS1 5LL, although we are looking at other venues away from the centre of Bristol to avoid having to travel through rush-hour congestion!

When does the group meet?

Second Monday of each month 6:30-8:30pm

What does a regular meeting look like?

Our agenda is usually agreed at the previous 1-2 meetings, typically: Introductions (for new members) Actions from last meeting. Plus, Recently we've run internal workshops and presentations based on books we've read, courses we've been on, or different strategies that we've employed that would be useful to others in the group. Occasionally we have external guest speakers and we've been very fortunate to have Bev James attend twice in the last 2 years (being a Brizzle gal) when attendance has rocketed! We use EventBrite to market our meetings to our members and we also have a closed discussion group on Facebook for sharing meeting outputs, ideas and other useful information.

How many people attend?

We have 53 people listed as members of the Bristol Coaching Group, however it's usually the core 8-10 people who turn up each month. We've recently run a survey to our members to gain ideas on how we can add more value and encourage attendance. We are now seeing new members wanting to join us which is great news.

What sort of people attend? (coaches in training/qualified coaches)

We have an eclectic mix, mainly coaches who have qualified or are in process of qualifying through The Coaching Academy diplomas, plus a few invited guests where there is mutual benefit from their attendance. Our skills and experience are diverse, from Counsellors to Vets, Accountants to Marathon-runners.

What makes your group different to others?

We are probably the most South-West group in the country and as a result, our coverage is from Bristol all the way down to tip of Cornwall! In fact we have one member who makes the journey up from Cornwall every month :o)). We support and encourage each other and we don't charge for membership. Most of us have been part of the group from when we started our studies and we've supported each other along the way.

What would you say has been the best moment for the group?

Our best moments have been where we've been able to celebrate the successes of our member Coaches, in making significant steps forward in their careers or achieving their qualifications. Also, where individuals have put themselves forward to present and share knowledge and experience with the rest of the group.

What benefits do you and group members experience?

We support each other: information sharing, providing advice and guidance, hints and tips, safe co-coaching practice and having a friendly welcoming inclusive coaching network. When we started a couple of years ago, the focus was on getting qualified, which put the emphasis on theory of coaching. What is of greater value now is a good mix of business development as well as coaching theory. We believe that CPD (continual professional development) should include the business side of Coaching, not simply the theory.

What’s the best thing about your group?

Our on-going commitment to learn, share and improve.

If you want to find out more and join a future meeting then please contact David Wise on 07906 170826



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