Thanks to community leader Caroline King for sharing the key information about the group that she runs in Ashford in Kent.

Thanks to community leader Caroline King for sharing the key information about the group that she runs in Ashford in Kent.

What is the name of your coaching community?

Ashford Kent

Where do you meet?

Eastwell Manor, Boughton Aluph, Ashford, Kent

When does the group meet?

4 times a year (every 3 months)

What does a regular meeting look like?

The meetings start at 7pm on the agreed dates and have a duration of 1½ hours. We follow a similar agenda format which commences with a welcome to the community meeting and an open space in which to discuss any particular topics of concern for others to support and share their own thoughts and ideas. We then encourage a group member to carry out a 15 minute presentation on varying coaching topics. Following this there is also a Q & A that occurs. We then agree the next meeting date which will be roughly 3 months in advance.

How many people attend?


What sort of people attend?

At the moment I would say we have half of the group that are qualified coaches and the other half in training to become a coach. These are at various stages of their coach training and gain great benefit from the other group members knowledge and insight.

What makes your group different to others?

Each member of the group has a different coaching niche, so we have a diverse range of business and sector knowledge as well as coaching expertise. We actively refer work to each other and support each others businesses.

What benefits do you experience?

As the group co-ordinator I enjoy assisting and supporting coaches in training.

What benefits do you think the group members experience?

When we get together as a group we very much enjoy being with like-minded people. We will hold discussions and reminders of the Coaching Academy information and suggestions. It’s also great to talk through any coaching issues being experienced so that support can be given and supervision from the more experienced coaches.

What’s the best thing about your group?

We have a good mix of people, males and females which creates a good balance and we enjoy getting together to support each other at a beautiful venue.

If you want to find out more and join a future meeting then please contact Caroline King on 07796 378430 



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