I have been a Managing Director for a Medical Company for 9 years and it became very apparent that management styles were changing.

What brought me to coaching I have been a Managing Director for a Medical Company for 9 years and it became very apparent that management styles were changing. Gone are the days of autocratic management.

Many times when I gave advice or told my employees how to do something, the job just didn’t get done although on most occasions they agreed with me. I could see I needed to change my style to bring my leadership skills into the 21st century. I attended the 2 day coaching academy course and soon after enrolled for the PPD and the Corporate Diplomas. How did it all come together When the study material arrived, I loved it, everything well-presented and as a methodical individual I didn’t find this daunting at all, I checked everything was there and read the instructions and I was on my way.

Step by step.

Rather that becoming overwhelmed I focused on the first module, booked the accelerator days once completed and continued. I was doing both the diplomas at the same time attending the PDD accelerator on a Saturday and the Corporate on a Sunday and calculated the modules so I attended monthly. The main issue I was faced with was my plan was to complete my day job commitments first and then with the time remaining I would focus on the diplomas. In reality this didn’t work as my day job never ended. I realised this very quickly and so I did the essential to do list for the day job and when that was completed focused the time required for the diploma study. I was actually loving it. I was getting my coaching sessions with external and internal clients. I booked the assessments 1/3 and 2/3 the way through. I really enjoyed the accelerator days, I learnt so much and met some lovely people who I still stay in touch with. The Challenge I believe we all reach that brick wall and mine came with the corporate thesis. Although I set time aside the day job got in the way, and getting started was delayed. I finally realised this and booked a mentor session with Jan Lonnen and made myself start with the first chapter, once I got going nothing could stop me. I booked my final assessment and was awarded a Merit and felt under pressure as I wanted my final grade to be a distinction and knew that my thesis and PDJ had to be of a very high standard. I had already been awarded a distinction for the PDD diploma but really wanted the corporate distinction, however I accepted I was probably going to get a merit.

As I learnt more about coaching and became confident it seemed logical to set my own business up and to run it alongside my day job. Although I love my day job, I figured there may come a time towards the end of my career that I may wish to slow things down a bit and indeed to have a choice, so the goal was set. To have a successful coaching business making the same profit as my salary by 2019. I can then choose. So Elle Coldman Associates Ltd was created (Named after my Grand Mother).

The reason why I love coaching is that I have seen people turn their lives and businesses around and are so grateful to have worked with me. I used to feel a bit of a fraud as I felt I didn’t do anything as they did it all, however what is apparent is when I have started coaching a client to when I finished they have been in a far better place so I must be doing things right.

Top Tips

1. Have confidence in yourself. You will meet other coaches who may seem better than you, don’t be phased, learn from them, befriend them and remember what qualities you have

2. Practice what you preach, e.g. if you are a relationship coach make sure your relationship is in order. If you are a fitness coach, keep fit yourself. If you coach on work life balance make sure your own work life balance is of a high standard. If you are an image coach make sure you look good.

3. Fake it until you make it, this doesn’t mean misguiding people. It means that dig deep in all your previous experiences and use them, e.g. how long have you been a coach, the answer is when you attended the 2 day course. How many clients have you had, include all the clients you had through your coaching journey

4. If you get stuck during your coaching journey analyse the reasons and seek help to get unstuck. It really isn’t as bad as it seems

5. Once qualified keep in touch, attend the CPD days and keep abreast of the internet and research what is out there. Always keep up to date

6. Never give up and keep the fire alight, if it needs more fuel work out how you can get this and continue the journey I loved my coaching experience and am pleased to say having TWO distinctions in my PDD and Corporate Diplomas, there is nothing to stop me achieving what I want and to continue to enjoy my fantastic coaching journey.

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