Hi, my name is Simone Vincenzi and I can finally say that I am a qualified Coach with The Coaching Academy. I received my diploma in Personal Performance Coaching a couple of weeks ago. What a relief and in particular... What a journey!! Here's my story...

Hi, my name is Simone Vincenzi and I can finally say that I am a qualified Coach with The Coaching Academy. I received my diploma in Personal Performance Coaching a couple of weeks ago. What a relief and in particular... What a journey!!

Honestly, I don't know what to write for my spotlight story so I will just go with the flow as now I am immersed in those feelings of achievement, appreciation, success and joy.

It seems not long ago when, with my leather jacket, I stepped into the room of the Holiday Inn in Kensington where smiling, excited and positive people were waiting for the venue to fill up.

I remember the feeling of "what the hell am I doing here because I know nothing about what those smiley people are about to talk about!!" but I decided to face the 2 days with an open mind and most importantly, an open heart.

I was facing a very difficult moment of my life. I knew I had to change but I didn't know what to do. I felt lost, like wondering in a circle in a dark room with no exit sign and this wasn't me!! I have always been the uber-positive-hyper-charged person that was able to lift up the energy of an entire room!! Where was that me? Where did it go? I wanted to find him and bring him back!

Hour after hour, trainer after trainer, experience after experience, a voice inside myself was shouting out loud - "this is the place for you!!!" I was fascinated by all the tools that were presented on the 2 day free coaching course and I immediately started to apply them into my life. I knew that I needed it for myself but more importantly I knew that other people would need me and my support.

So, at the end of the last day, where our beloved Kris Robertson wrapped up the day, I felt like I was already in! I wanted to learn more and be a part of this. I was 22 at the time and here I am now, at 24, Coach and Youth Coach.

Was that easy? Hell no!!!

I was working in a restaurant in Notting Hill as a waiter and this is what I had been doing since I was 15! I don't have a degree and my level of English was not quite enough to understand all the materials I was working through. Then one day in December I received a call from my mother in Italy. She told me that my grandfather had just few weeks to live.

I want to be honest. I have never been very attached to my family and I don't see death as a negative thing but as a gift but I knew that my family needed me in that moment, in particular my Mum.

Despite all this, I planned to attend all my Accelerator Days in these months, I took the flight and went back to Italy to support my family. This is the part of my life where I spent 6 months living for 2 weeks in Italy and 2 weeks in London.

The challenge was that when I was in London I didn't really have a place to stay or the money to afford it, so I spent my nights sleeping between Kings Cross Costa Coffee, the only one open 24hours, and some friends who were willing to put me up. I became "home-full" (I don't want to say homeless because life was full of outdoor places where I could sleep!). I still had savings though that allowed me to get through the day.

As soon as my situation in Italy started to become more stable, I moved to London again, working as a waiter in another restaurant while setting up my coaching practice. It didn't work very well as for me coaching was not my business but just a hobby / a passion. This meant it paid me as a hobby would and not as a business. I also had to deal with a strong fear of success and procrastination issues that didn't help me much in submitting the paperwork for the Diploma.

One day I decided I had enough. One day I decided that I was willing to work daily on myself. That day, everything changed.

I set up my coaching company Your Power to Shine Ltd and a personal development events company, GTeX. I decided I was good enough to run my business. I decided that I was good enough to control my fear of success. I decided I was good enough to be a successful coach (and I am freaking good by the way!!).

So here I am now, 24 years old, International Public Speaker, being selected as a Youth Coach partnering with the top UK coaches, running 2 companies!

I’ve quit my day job and live the perfect life for me at this moment. I will soon be performing on the stage of the Yes Group, London, who host lots of people like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins and many other inspirational speakers. I am also applying for contracts in Italian schools so I can bring Youth Coaching to Italy.

Why I am sharing all this? To show off? - Maybe :) - No it isn't for that.

Do I have a lot of money and time? Not quite yet.

Am I doing what I want to do? - Yes

Am I happy? - Yes.

This is my story. My name is Simone Vincenzi and I now happily work as an Inner Coach and Youth Confidence Coach. I support young coaches and young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and re-connect with their life purpose, so they can live a happy and fulfilled life in alignment to fully believing in themselves.

My message to you is - No matter who you are, no matter where you are coming from, you can do it. Believe in Yourself, your gifts and talents. Align with who you really are. Do just what makes you happy and support others with what you are doing.

May your life will be filled with joy, purpose and love.

Simone Vincenzi

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