I just love coaching. The positive results are so exciting and fulfilling. But how did I get here? I worked in the public and private sectors for 16 years on strategy & policy, performance, research, regulation and organisational development. I couldn't climb the promotion ladder fast enough.

After my first baby in 2011, my outlook on life and priorities changed. Whilst on maternity leave something clicked. I was enjoying time with my son, noticing the changing seasons and living in the moment. I became aware of a real urge to do something new, something rewarding and something more personally aligned to the real me.

Ignoring this realisation, I returned to senior management. Health complications from my life/work imbalance became apparent and crystallised the need for action. 

I asked a careers consultant to challenge me on my values and beliefs. It is fair to say there were a few ‘light bulb’ moments. I became increasingly envious (a powerful emotion!) of the autonomy, creativity and flexibility of entrepreneurs. In fact, at least five years prior I had an initial consultation with a corporate coach but the chemistry just wasn’t there.

The moment I realised I wanted to build on my existing skills base and become a coach was like finding the final missing piece of the jigsaw from down the back of the sofa! Having a high C DISC profile, I did a lot of research into the different accreditation bodies and various training providers. I spotted that The Coaching Academy was running a Two Day Certificate Event in Manchester, which provided me with a great opportunity to familiarise myself with them and their training style. Was this the Law of Attraction at play? I was most impressed and really fired up.

Following redundancy and the birth of my daughter, I had my interview for the course exactly one year later. I started the course in April 2015 when she was just four months.

I started grafting in earnest in September 2015 between nursery/school hours and coaching my practice clients, sometimes in the evening. I found it so rewarding to facilitate my clients’ learning, development and progress towards their own personally aligned goals!

I qualified in September 2016 and have just started the Corporate and Executive Coaching Programme. I am now setting up my coaching business so that it complements my family life. With such an unusual name, I have decided to go by Oriel Coaching. Oriel is actually a bay window, which is rather appropriate given that it allows you to see a wider or different perspective!

I have been amazed by the positive power of the coaching relationship from both sides and am passionate about empowering women to achieve their own definition of success. I am really looking forward to climbing the next rung of the ladder and this time I am confident it is leaning against the right wall!

“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.” - Stephen R. Covey

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