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Coach In The Spotlight - Nicky Raby

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Nicky Raby shares her coaching journey with us and discusses exactly how the power of goal setting has helped to keep her on track and in line for success! Read her story here...

I reached my 30th birthday on November 9th 2011 and on November 10th I subconsciously wrote a list of goals - it felt a seminal age to reflect plus a beautiful photo album of my life so far from my mum triggered a few memories and laughs. I started to think about what I wanted my next chapters to look like.

On a gloomy, damp Saturday the following April when we discussed goal setting and the power of being clear about what you want, I realized my coaching journey had actually begun five months before.

I was invigorated; I rushed home and cleaned my house from top to bottom (an odd way to spend a Saturday evening) and slowly all the dots that has been zigzagging throughout my 20s began to join up.

I trained as an actress; a career I still pursue and deeply love. However waiting for the phone to ring, ruthless rejection and a dollop of unpredictability, you do start to gain some battle scars.

I was thrilled to discover there could be an alternative and you could be a driver in your career and not a passenger. Through clear goal setting and an action plan that is going to move you along your desired path you can create your own luck and be in the right place at the right time.

With buckets of ambition, a desire to have a family and a ‘do it all’ attitude, this was exactly the kind of structure I had been looking for. I have an innate belief that if you work hard you can do anything. I love to help people to become the best they can be. I dislike the word ‘can’t’ and always endeavor to find a way- life is short and precious. I had found my platform in coaching.

I got straight back into the learning zone (accompanied by fresh notebooks, pens and endless post it notes) and started to demolish the recommended reading list, moving swiftly to blogs, YouTube videos, webinars and seminars. To avoid overwhelm I maintained an open mind; adding my favourite strategies to my tool kit and disregarding the rest.

I set a goal for myself to complete the qualification in under a year and surprisingly completed in 11 months. This sound flippant but it was certainly not a breeze. I got up at 5:45am, worked every weekday evening and every weekend alongside a full time job. It was definitely challenging and in my ‘stretch zone’.

From the outset I discussed the process and commitment (very important!) with my partner who was fantastic throughout- endless cups of tea, unconditional love and regular ‘Keep going, you can do it’. My support network was amazing as I went through moments of joy, discovery, procrastination, doubt and pure exhaustion.

The support of the other Coaching Academy students is invaluable; motivating and reassuring- often the answer you are struggling with sharing tips and providing insight.

I loved the practical element of the accelerator days and soaked up the wisdom from the fantastic trainers. These days were firmly I marked in my diary (plus work completion dates)- I found mini goals along the way really helped to keep me on track and focused. The coaching practical sessions were challenging but really fulfilling. Seeing those ‘aha’ moments and receiving enthusiastic emails of success between sessions was wonderful.

It was very easy to slip into self-criticism. I found (and still do) when I focus on my client’s process and results; it quietens down your own mind chatter. No session was completely perfect, but promptly reviewed and reflected and then set actions to improve next time- not to get stuck on the negatives.

I qualified on the 1st May, and nearly 6 months on- I am pleased to say I have a healthy client base and an online following. I have launched my own coaching practice. ‘Be Ready Coaching’. It has been exhilarating, scary, exciting and fulfilling. I make huge decisions on a daily basis from the logo, website, newsletter, finances and marketing- some days it can seem like a lot.

I make leaps by giving myself thinking time and then a decision date so I avoid procrastination. Generally everything can be edited and altered so trust yourself to keep moving forward. Discover your strengths and outsource the rest- don’t sweat the small stuff.

I was able to create my own website and can now edit and update as I wish. Logo design was a different matter. There are so many online sites full of designers that can complete small projects and be budget friendly.

My client base is diverse, many through recommendations and meeting in person. Most are between 25 and 35- the ten years where everything is changeable. I help them ‘Create’ ‘Plan’ or ‘Change’ using the fantastic resources given to me and techniques I have developed myself.

My future plans regarding coaching are to continue to grow my business and help many people along the way. I now run strategy brain storming workshops, I have two books in development (one with my Dad which is very exciting) and some digital offerings. I write a weekly blog and enjoy sharing nuggets of inspiration in 5 easy steps so readers always have a take away action plan.

My favourite coaching question begins with ‘What else?’ – I love to see clients generate options for themselves and open up possibilities- I live my life like this. Even in an hour most people realize they don’t need permission to pursue their dreams and can achieve fantastic results. If you are about to qualify, keep the end goal in sight and believe you will get there because you will. In the ever-changing financial climate it is now essential to increase your skills and continue to develop. With coaching as your backdrop you have the opportunity to truly do anything you set your mind to.

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