Juli Kenworthy qualified through The Coaching Academy Protege programme and has enthusiastically agreed to share her coaching experience, so we have put her in the Coaching Hot Seat. Here is Juli's story...

Juli Kenworthy qualified through The Coaching Academy Protégé programme and has enthusiastically agreed to share her coaching experience, so we have put her in the Coaching Hot Seat. Here is Juli’s story:-

What brought me to Coaching?

My role at work had radically changed into something that was becoming soul destroying. Having been with my company for almost 10 years I was apprehensive about moving and giving up the security I had known for so long. However as things progressed there was no security or certainty about my role so in June that year I decided to leave. Skipping home with a light feeling in my heart reality soon hit as I opened the house door to an eerie silence – what was I going to do now?! Having had a variety of training, learning and performance management type roles at I went onto the internet and found The Coaching Academy free weekend, I booked a place and have never looked back. During that weekend I decided that this was what I had been looking for and without hesitation applied for the Protégé programme which I was accepted onto that week... and so my journey began... 

What was your journey towards becoming a coach like?

I was lucky enough to be able to throw myself into the training and accelerator days as soon as I received my materials and spent the summer reading, attending weekend seminars and working out what my future looked like. My goals were to have a business name, website and more stability in my relationship, to find a home to buy and to travel with work. In November I had a company, website and paying customers, in January i got married and two days later moved into my dream home and by March I had secured a 6 month contract working with the Equity Research team in the Learning and Leadership Development team. I have so far obtained a Distinction in Personal Performance Coaching, Practitioner in NLP, and my Advanced Coaching Diploma.

A message to others who may be considering coaching as part of their career development or indeed career change:

If I had anything to say to others who are thinking about considering pursuing a coaching career or just enhancing their own personal awareness it is simple; being more self-aware allows you to open your eyes to a wider world, as this happens opportunities and success follow. Understanding on a personal level your unique values and goals means inner happiness is not far away. The Coaching Academy helps provide the tools, techniques and support to do this, but as with everything in life it really is down to you. Life is what you make it, and having access to such great people, training and ideas with the Coaching Academy the path to success is that little bit easier to reach. I would like to thank The Coaching Academy for all the support, guidance and professional service they have provided and continue to provide for me, it really has changed my life.


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