Claire Cahill qualified with The Coaching Academy and has enthusiastically agreed to share her coaching experience, so we have put her in the Coaching Hot Seat. Here is Claire's story.

Claire Cahill qualified with The Coaching Academy and has enthusiastically agreed to share her coaching experience, so we have put her in the Coaching Hot Seat. Here is Claire’s story.

What were your first thoughts after attending the 2-days coaching taster weekend?
WOW that was amazing, I want to be part of that in the future, I want to be one of the coaches delivering a session and sharing my story. I returned home feeling confident, focused and ready to follow my passion and live my dream

What profession are you in?

I am a leader for a large financial organisation which involves me coaching a team of 14 people on a daily basis

What area of coaching do you specialise in?

I specialise in confidence coaching, leadership coaching and use DISC profiling to get to know people in minutes rather than months and then use this to help teams build better relationships. I also help raise team’s awareness to the impact of change.

What difference has coaching made to your life?
Coaching has raised my awareness to the impact your thoughts have on your feelings and ultimately your behaviours. I am now confident on the inside and the outside. Coaching has been life changing for me, my relationships and has had a huge impact on my children.

They are now growing up in a world where questioning, listening, building rapport and living true to your values are part of their everyday life. They have learnt life skills from an early age that it is now second nature. Coaching has allowed me some freedom and as I make the transition from employed to self-employed then I will have total freedom to work my business around my family

How has coaching helped your existing career (if not a full time coach)?

I use coaching every day in my existing career and my team get the benefit of life coaching. As a result of this their performance has improved, all their goals are congruent with their values and beliefs. My credibility has increased and my peers learn from me on a daily basis. I had the opportunity to take on board a team of 12 under performers and within 12 weeks they were re engaged back into the business, empowered and as a result their performance improved and they have all secured a promotion or taken on additional responsibilities.

What difference has coaching made to your family life?
Every day my boys say “When I am going to be coached?” they now know that they are coached every day and they have got new skills which are a natural ability. My husband and i have a fabulous relationship because we both know how to communicate with one another & we know how our DISC personalities match & differ. Vision boards are displayed and we make things happen as a family. My boys are also proud to talk about their mum as a coach because they feel the difference it makes. They are both confident young boys who embrace change and challenges seeing loads of opportunities in front of them with no limitations. We celebrate success

What did you enjoy most about your training with The Coaching Academy?
Knowing that all my hard work had paid off and I had managed to juggle life and secure not 1, but 2 diplomas with a distinction. It was a sense of achievement, pride and reward.

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