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Coach In The Spotlight - Cathy Labonne

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I qualified with the Coaching Academy in 2011 (Personal Performance Coaching Diploma). I would like to share my journey to encourage you to continue in your own journey and to demonstrate that starting the course is only the beginning.

I qualified with the Coaching Academy in 2011 (Personal Performance Coaching Diploma). I would like to share my journey to encourage you to continue in your own journey and to demonstrate that starting the course is only the beginning.

What brought you to coaching?

Before starting my journey in coaching, I spent over 10 years in the business world. I managed international marketing and communication campaigns as well as large departments. I earned a reputation to ‘get the job done’, (I now pass this on to my coaching clients).

When the recession hit, the industry changed and I spent most of my time resolving internal conflicts amongst teams. It was apparent that most people did not like their lives, their jobs and did not see a way out. I was encouraging them to look at things differently and positively but without telling them what to do. I guess I was coaching others without knowing it was called ‘coaching’.

I started spending time in California on a regular basis and discovered coaching there. I came back in the UK, re-assessed my career and the conclusion was – I wanted to do something to help others to see that they have the power within to achieve what they want to do, instead of being passengers of life and letting others make decisions.

I started to research who I could qualify with as a Coach. There are numerous course providers out there and my conclusion was The Coaching Academy. Why? I noticed that some successful coaches qualified from there and The Academy is well accredited by coaching industry standards.

I attended the free 2 day course and waited for 1 year to commit to it. Why? I was too comfortable at the time and not confident to start something new. I used the excuse of being ‘too busy at work’. I also convinced myself that I was waiting to see if coaching was for me. Waiting for what?! Well, the reality was that I was ‘scared’ of the unknown. One thing was certain, what I was doing for a living was no longer for me!

Once I got over my own fear of starting something new and understood that there is nothing wrong with getting in the unknown, on the contrary, it brings endless new opportunities, I finally signed for the course and got on with it.

(My advice would be, please do not wait for this long, just do it, you may be afraid, but do it! – I was able to coach myself whilst going through the course!)

I started the Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching in January 2011 and obtained my Diploma with Distinction in September 2011. I never looked back.

How do I use my coaching skills today?

I started as a sole trader coaching private clients one to one. One day the phone rang and I was negotiating a contract with an American company to become their internal coach. Since then, I set up my coaching and consulting business.

My extensive experience in business (sales, marketing, communication) combined with my coaching skills, allows me to coach/mentor both private clients, entrepreneurs and businesses around the globe (life and business coaching). I also volunteer as a coach for a youth leadership programme and give talks to groups to inspire.

What did I find most interesting to learn?

Everything! The course is very well structured and will give you solid foundations. You will coach yourself whilst doing the course too.

What do you enjoy most about being a coach?

  • Receiving feedback from clients, seeing people changing their ways of thinking and developing a mindset to succeed. Some of my previous clients now run their own businesses, others have found the real work life balance they were dreaming of. In other words, the best thing is to see people being happy.

  • Creatively thinking about how to grow my business and working with clients.

My top tips for people who are looking at coaching:

  • Write on a piece of paper why you want to be a coach (never underestimate the power of writing things down, it helps to clarify thoughts)

  • Attend the free two days with The Coaching Academy

  • Meet other coaches, ask them about their journey

  • If you decide that coaching is for you, make the decision and simply do it. Whether you are becoming a full time coach or include coaching in your current job and everyday life, it is a great opportunity to gain a new personal development skill.

  • Be confident – you can do it!!

My top tips for those coaches currently in training:

  • Persevere

  • Be consistent: do a bit everyday. Even if it is 15 minutes it will be better than nothing for weeks and then trying to fit 2 hours in your busy schedule.

  • Plan your study time and set a date when you would like to complete the course

  • Keep a journal. It is very useful to measure your own progress

  • When it gets difficult, stop, reflect and remember why you are doing the course. Visualise you holding your diploma

  • Keep practicing your coaching skills

  • The list is endless but I will stop there, hoping that these key essentials will help.


I hope this is useful. Good luck with your journey. Whatever you do, don’t give up. The Best is yet to come ☺

Start your own coaching journey today - book your space on our free 2-day life coaching course.



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