Thanks to Brian for sharing his story with us and of course the wonderful Duchess shown in the photo.

I started my path of my coaching in August 2013 after being on a two day certificate weekend as most of the coaches I know have done. My journey to this point has been an emotional journey following an accident in 2012 where it was thought I may not survive - however fortunately I did.

After going to a number of specialists to help me through my trauma and suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder, the questions that I was asked to support me got me interested to find out more.

This is what led me to discover The Coaching Academy. I wanted to gain further understanding of what training and support was available, which is where the 2 days came in. Following attendance of the introductory days I enrolled to study the Personal Performance Diploma and the NLP Practitioner Programme.

During my studies and training I compiled case studies of the clients I coached in my practise as a student coach and student NLP practitioner. Having a visual impairment I was also learning how to use the new skills and knowledge to coach people with my heightened sense of sensory acuity. The support that I got from The Coaching Academy and my coaching buddies along the way was vital. This was a two way communication process and I made a lots of friends on this journey. I qualified as an NLP Practitioner in September 2014 and I qualified as a life coach in October of the same year.

I qualified with great enthusiasm and inspiration and feel really humbled that I have been able to support people along the way as a coach and NLP practitioner. I am now on a course at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford studying and training to become an holistic therapist using complimentary therapies such as massage, reflexology and Indian head massage.

If anyone were to ask me for a recommendations, I would highly recommend looking at joining The Coaching Academy as the support and training you get is very inspirational and very useful as part of your toolkit to become the best coach or NLP Practitioner that you may want to be. You are also encouraged to take responsibility for your actions in moving forward positively with clarification and focus.

Finally I would recommend that when you are coaching, to buddy up with other practice coaches so that you can exchange ideas and thoughts that you may have during your journey to become a qualified coach or NLP Practitioner. And, of course, enjoy the journey!

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