We recently caught up with The Coaching Academy Graduate Nazma Kabir, who had the privilege to work with Mother Theresa at the age of 17, for a Q&A session for this week 's Coach in The Spotlight. We hope you enjoy it...

What brought you to coaching? 

I have worked in the international development sector for most of my career. Over the course of 25 years, I noticed that despite many of us holding senior management positions, we were not 100% confident in leading our teams or performing at our best as we desired to. I was lucky to have sessions with a coach in my organisation, who helped improve my leadership and communication skills. The experience I had with this coach was phenomenal. I realised that I had so many opportunities to explore, achieve and do new things, and that I hadn’t fully unlocked these potentials in my full-time job. 

I attended The Coaching Academy’s 2-Day Foundation in Life Coaching course in May 2016, and I knew straight away it was what I had been looking for. I made the decision to change my career at that moment. The journey of a continuing professional development started then and I never looked back!

What did you find most interesting to learn? 

“It’s never too late to learn new things!” I was fascinated to see around two hundred men and women attending The Coaching Academy’s 2-Day event on a summer weekend and that made me believe that it must be something interesting and I must experience it. After 24 years, I went back to school. One of the most interesting things I learned from coaching was that a deep level of listening skill is very important to build trust, rapport and communicate with others. This was a revelation to me! Learning new skills has been hugely beneficial to me – not just in coaching, but in my professional and personal life in general.

What was the most rewarding part of the training/journey?

I enjoyed every part of my learning journey on the Personal Performance Diploma with The Coaching Academy, and I use newfound skills to make my clients aware of their limiting beliefs. During the coaching journey, I made lots of friends. I instantly noticed I had missed talking to like-minded people for a long time. I found the practice coaching sessions very rewarding. The first time a client said to me at the end of a session: “You are so natural, calm, professional and respectful. You really listened to me and it suddenly felt as if I found the right solution.” - It was an “aha!” moment for me as well as for the client.

Which bits did you enjoy the most?

I loved the Accelerator Days. I loved listening to Kris, Ann or Pam speaking on GROW, DISC and beliefs and values. They were just superb speakers! I tried to imagine myself speaking like them, and one day I hope to become a coach trainer or speaker in future. These days were inspirational. I felt so motivated after each training day as they noticeably made an impact on the quality of my practical coaching sessions and the positivity I felt for my future in coaching.

How did the qualification slot in with your current life? 

The Personal Performance Diploma has been a continuing professional development (CPD) to my existing qualification and has strengthened my beliefs and mindset to enjoy my career more.

I was fortunate enough to secure my first invitation to attend a local business meeting on the same week of receiving my PPD Diploma qualification from The Coaching Academy, which helped strengthen my belief and confidence in the coaching business.

What is your coaching niche and why did you choose it?

My niche is in wellbeing and confidence coaching of individuals and professionals. Along with my new coaching skills, I use my health and nutrition background to improve the positivity, enthusiasm, self-belief, confidence and attitude of my clients directly for an impactful performance and positive results.

What is the best thing that could happen to your coaching business in the next two years?

Currently I am a Personal Performance Development and Life Coach and within the next two years, I would like to be coaching and developing professionals to be the best in their business and career. This could be within a company or as a freelance coach or both. I would like to help female professionals feel more confident in their career and business.

What is your favourite coaching question?

I have many favourite coaching questions but if I had to narrow it down to one, it would be “What if you know the secret answer?” It’s a great question for helping clients uncover any secret doubts or limiting beliefs that might get in the way of them achieving their goal.

What do you enjoy most about being a coach?

I am on a mission to help people enjoy their life, health and career more. That’s how I worked during my full-time job as a development activist. I was influenced by Mother Theresa at the age of 17 when I had the opportunity to work with her in Bangladesh. I am still passionate about helping others building their confidence and empowering them to realise their own potential. Through coaching, I am able to continue to achieve my passion and mission.

What are your top tips for people who are looking at coaching?

  • Read and listen to the TCA guidance and qualification criteria again and again.
  • To speed up your learning whilst qualifying, get a coaching buddy or join a coaching community
  • Keep reading coaching blogs, books, look at TCA webinars, go to Accelerator Days - anything you can do to continue your professional development will be beneficial in the long run
  • Have some coaching yourself if you haven’t experienced it yet. Arrange some reciprocal coaching with fellow coaches and practise with clients
  • Complete the Learning Records Sheets after each coaching session and training as you go along – it’s going to improve your learning and make the difference when you are ready to submit your paper
  • Most of all, enjoy it!

If you are intrigued about coaching, I would highly recommend attending The Coaching Academy’s free 2-day Life Coaching course. It is a good time to review your goals and look at what you want to do.

Nazma is a public speaker and a passionate coach at Nazma Kabir Coaching and has a PhD in Medical Nutrition from the renowned The Karolinska Institute, Sweden. She has done many TV programmes; for instance, a recent interview in NTV Europe’s “Talking Point” programme on her success stories.

If Nazma's words have inspired you and you feel that Coaching could be a potential full or part time opportunity for you, or if you would just like to know a little more about what Coaching is and how it can benefit you and the lives of others, please contact our Specialist Course Advisor, Jamil on 0208 996 4830 or email: Jamil@the-coaching-academy.com

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