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Posted 1810 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles, Tips

Presenting with Confidence - by Sarah Urquhart

I was not a natural presenter; my natural relaxed outgoing nature completely deserted me when I stood up in front of a group of my colleagues to practice presenting a topic I knew all about!

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Posted 1929 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles, Tips

3 Steps to Build Rapport with Your Clients

People are different, but predictably different. Rapport is defined by "a close and harmonious relationship, in which the people or groups concerned understand each others' feelings or ideas and communicate well". It is clear in that case that rapport can be of huge benefit to both yours and your client's motives.

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Posted 2034 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles, Tips

Top Tips For Those Studying To Become A Coach

Calling all Coaching Academy students! If you've ever asked yourself, "what is the most effective way of getting through my qualification?" then Deepti Goyal has been there, done that and has put together some top tips for you.

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Posted 2146 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles, Corporate Coaching Articles, Tips

Top Tips For Coaching Project Managers - Susanne Madsen

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to coach a project manager and you wish you had some great tools you could use to help them move forward more effectively? If so, Susanne Madsen offer her top tips.

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Posted 2188 Days Ago in: Approvals & Endorsements, Life Coaching Articles, Personal Success, Tips

Steps to Successful Self-Management of your Emotional State

Self-management of your emotional state is the act of taking responsibility for your emotions. It is a fact that your emotions can affect your decision making process and behaviour. Therefore the ability to be more aware of your emotions and actually taking responsibility for controlling them can help you to be more effective, productive and successful in keeping your goals in sight.

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Posted 2223 Days Ago in: Life Coaching Articles, Personal Success, Tips

Are You Reaching Your Full Potential?

Everyone has the skills to develop themselves so they are able to reach their full potential. Whether that be with work, family, fitness or relationships, there are certain qualities, mind-sets and behaviours that will massively help you with maximising your self-development.

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Posted 2230 Days Ago in: Continuous Professional Development, Personal Success, Tips

Awaken Your Inner Coach - Free Webinar

A Coach helps their client to realise that they truly can, be, do or have anything. Coaching is a progressive process where stumbling blocks are converted into stepping stones and where each step brings the client closer to the fulfillment of their desires and potential. Imagine how much more successful you could be if you awakened your inner coach?

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Posted 2230 Days Ago in: Personal Success, Tips

Top Tips For Being More Productive

Being able to get more done means you are ahead of yourself and probably have more time to retain that elusive work / life balance. Would you like to do more in less time? We suspect most people will answer with a resounding yes. If this is you then read on for our top tips on how to be more productive.

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Posted 2237 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles, Tips

Top Tips For Coaching Success

Coaching skills are a powerful set of tools that anyone can use and apply to create instant and sustainable life and work changes. If you are a Coach or training to be a Coach then you are helping your clients realise their potential, move closer to their goals and desires and achieve real results. It's a wonderful and hugely positive thing you are doing but are you doing it well?

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Posted 2244 Days Ago in: Personal Success, Tips

Top Tips For Being More Assertive

Assertiveness is a behaviour that can be learned and developed. It's a communication process that is a key quality for productive relationships. It can help you move you away from feeling passive to feeling more active and listened to on more occasions. It usually involves stepping outside of your comfort zone if you are not naturally assertive but in doing so, working on being more assertive can certainly help improve your confidence and self esteem.

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Posted 2244 Days Ago in: Bev James, Tips

Winning Ways & Olympic Lessons

Just over 12 months ago, the whole nation was gripped by the drama unfolding in a formerly neglected and rundown corner of East London. It says a lot about the incredible pace of the world that we now all live and work in that the glorious celebration that was last summer's Olympic Games feels like a very distant memory despite the great anniversary games that took place over the weekend.

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