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Posted 2188 Days Ago in: Coaching Academy Info, Coaching Academy News, Corporate Coaching Articles, TCA Corporate

The Coaching Academy - Proud National Supporter of The Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust

For many years now, our very own Managing Director, Bev James has been working closely with Dame Kelly Holmes and her team offering coaching, mentoring and training to retired world class athletes. We are now really proud to be National Supporters of The Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust!

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Posted 1839 Days Ago in: Executive Coaching Articles, TCA Corporate

Coaching in the Executive Arena and the Impact of Leadership

Leading an organisation or team is a unique challenge. It is often said that people join an organisation but leave their managers. To create and sustain an environment of highly engaged, high performing employees, leaders and executives must be held accountable and rewarded for how they accomplish results as well as the results themselves.

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Posted 1873 Days Ago in: NLP Articles, TCA Corporate, Tips

Mind your thoughts and change your mind - Pam Lidford

Why do some people have more self-belief than others? Why do some people 'get on with it', while others prevaricate? Is self-belief innate within us, or is it a skill that can be learned?

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Posted 2511 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles, Corporate Coaching Articles, TCA Corporate, Tips, Trainer in the Spotlight

Your Habits - Good Or Bad? - Susan Grandfield

How do you butter your toast? How do you pack your case before going on holiday? How do you relax at the weekend? How do you deal with stressful situations? How do you respond to people who cut you up on the motorway? Your answer to each of these questions tells you something about your patterns of behaviour or habits.

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Posted 2525 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles, Corporate Coaching Articles, Executive Coaching Articles, TCA Corporate

The Coaching Academy Corporate Solutions

Did you know that The Coaching Academy has worked with hundreds of organisations across the globe, in sectors ranging from farming to pharmaceuticals through our corporate solutions division? The growth in demand for corporate coaching has not just been a huge trend isolated to The Coaching Academy team.

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Posted 2567 Days Ago in: Corporate Coaching Articles, Executive Coaching Articles, TCA Corporate

Get Inside The Heads Of Your Customers - Susan Granfield

If you could read minds, hear what people were thinking, see their thoughts and feel their great would that be?! OK, in some situations it might not be all that great, you might find out some things you would rather not know about! However, apply that superpower to dealing with your customers and just think how beneficial that could be to you!

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Posted 2588 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles, Corporate Coaching Articles, Executive Coaching Articles, Small Business Coaching Articles, TCA Corporate

Change Your Procrastination Habits

Your procrastination habits may seem to be very deep rooted and, indeed, they probably are. But that doesnít mean they canít be changed. Forget everything you have ever been told about laziness, tardiness, lack of application and short attention span; procrastination is about how we think.

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Posted 2636 Days Ago in: Bev James, Success Stories, TCA Corporate

Bev James Appointed Director of Mentoring on New Government Initiative Helping Young Entrepreneurs

Huge congratulations go out to our MD, Bev James, for being appointed Director of Mentoring on the new Government initiative "StartUp Loans". £82.5m will be distributed on behalf of the government to help 18 - 24 year olds kick start their businesses and contribute to the growing success of small firms in the UK. Appointed by Chairman of the Board, James Caan, who Bev has worked with for several years on their joint venture for entrepreneurs and business owners

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Posted 3091 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles, Executive Coaching Articles, Personal Success, TCA Corporate, Trainer in the Spotlight

Trainer In The Spotlight - Ann Skidmore

As a change to our regular "Coach In The Spotlight" feature, we have this week put Ann Skidmore in the hot seat and asked some quick fire questions:-

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