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Do it or Ditch It Book reviewed by Claire Cahill

For me a sign of a good book is if I pick it up and continue to read chapter after chapter without putting the book down... This is exactly what happened when I started reading "Do it or Ditch it" by Bev James, MD of The Coaching Academy and Founder of The Entrepreneurs Business Academy with James Caan.

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Click or Clash!

How to Solve the People Puzzle - Dave Pill, trainer at The Coaching Academy, Master Trainer for DISC Personality Profiling has for many years used an established personality profiling system known as 'DISC' as an integral part of his work. The DISC methodology was founded on years of research by American psychologist, Dr William M. Marston (1893 - 1947) and others. It is a remarkable tool that enables people to increase self-awareness and understand and appreciate different personalities.

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What have you done? What have you ditched?

Have you taken positive action as a result of reading Do it! or Ditch it?

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5 Steps To A Mind-Set For Success

Do you make decisions that work for you? Or are you more likely to procrastinate, to a point where the decision is made for you? The fine line between success and failure depends upon the decisions we make, those we choose not to make - and how quickly and effectively we make them – every moment of every day.

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Setting Up For Success - By Bev James

Most coaches have an absolute passion for the work they do. Many will say that coaching isn’t hard work because they find it such a pleasure. Their core motivation is rarely a desire for riches – most are driven more by the wish to make a tangible difference to people’s lives.

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