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The Fundamental Skills and Training to Ensure Success - Bev James explains why she created The Personal Success Academy

Looking back at my own journey and the investment I've made in my professional development and personal growth, I can see this really has made a hugely positive impact on both my career and life in general. First and foremost, I believe the key to success is confidence.

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A Life Without Limits

Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning and something feels different. You feel alert, energised and your mind is sharp and focused. You feel you can achieve anything you set your heart on.

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Do it or Ditch It Book reviewed by Claire Cahill

For me a sign of a good book is if I pick it up and continue to read chapter after chapter without putting the book down... This is exactly what happened when I started reading "Do it or Ditch it" by Bev James, MD of The Coaching Academy and Founder of The Entrepreneurs Business Academy with James Caan.

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What have you done? What have you ditched?

Have you taken positive action as a result of reading Do it! or Ditch it?

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Bev James: Do Coaches Need Coaches?

When our delegates train to become qualified and skilled coaches, they develop a deep understanding of the different coaching techniques and skills to make a difference to the lives of their clients. But Can a Qualified Coach Be Their Own Coach?

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Ask Bev James - How do you get your very first paying client?

"How do you get your very first paying client?" has proved a very popular question in the Ask Bev series. Read on and watch the video in the blog post to find out Bev's response to this business building question.

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Ask Bev James - Should I be thinking about my coaching niche while still in training?

Last week I offered you the opportunity to ask me your questions around setting up a coaching business. The response has been amazing! As promised, I will be aiming to answer as many of your questions as possible over the coming weeks. Here's the first installment, answering the question - "Should I be thinking about my coaching niche while still in training?"

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Setting Up A Coaching Business? - Ask Bev James!

As my role as Managing Director of The Coaching Academy and Director of Mentoring for Start Up Loans, I often get asked questions on how to run and build a business. I know first-hand, what it is like to train as a Coach and set up a coaching business from scratch and i want to share my knowledge with you.

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Winning Ways & Olympic Lessons

Just over 12 months ago, the whole nation was gripped by the drama unfolding in a formerly neglected and rundown corner of East London. It says a lot about the incredible pace of the world that we now all live and work in that the glorious celebration that was last summer's Olympic Games feels like a very distant memory despite the great anniversary games that took place over the weekend.

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Should Coaches Offer An Introductory Meeting To Clients Free Of Charge?

I know first-hand what it's like to train as a coach and set up your own business from scratch. I can still remember how excited I was when I got my first paying client too. You may be an amazing coach with huge potential to make a real difference to every client you see but if people don't know about you this obviously won't happen.

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What Can We Learn From Wimbledon? - By Bev James

Even if you are not interested tennis there's still a lot we could all learn from top tennis athletes for increasing your chances of success and creating a winning mind-set. As we look back on Wimbledon 2015 we've seen some incredible action with more twists and turns than a fairground ride, but it can mean so much more to us than just a spectator sport.

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Our Recent Student Survey - A HUGE Thank You!

As part of our continuous improvement programme we seek feedback from our students to gain a deeper understanding of the impacts the coaching Diplomas are having. We wanted to write a quick message to say a huge and heart-felt thank you to all those that took the time to evaluate their experience with us as a student of The Coaching Academy.

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Are You Due A Personal Upgrade?

Where do you want to be in 12 months' time? Living a fulfilled life or just another year older saying to yourself - "where did that year go? What have I achieved?" To achieve the upgraded version of you, you need to make some adjustments. You can't just flick a switch and expect to have changed overnight.

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Book Review: Brian Tracys - Goals - How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

I think most people underestimate the value of goals, however, the ability to set and achieve goals will determine the success we achieve. In this book, Brian Tracy helps you to set goals and achieve them in record time by following a step by step process.

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5 Steps To A Mind-Set For Success

Do you make decisions that work for you? Or are you more likely to procrastinate, to a point where the decision is made for you? The fine line between success and failure depends upon the decisions we make, those we choose not to make - and how quickly and effectively we make them – every moment of every day.

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Setting Your Business Goals As A Coach - Bev James

Having a clear vision for your business, supported by a well-researched business plan makes the difference between building a business and building a profitable business – provided the strategy is sound.

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What Can We Learn From Janus The Roman God Of Reflection And New Opportunities?

For many people January is a time for reflection. Another year has passed: we have lived for 365 days since we last made a resolution – but what exactly have we done with the time we’ve been given? On New Year’s Eve did you find yourself saying, “Gosh – where did that year go?

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Top 10 Coaching Questions

As a professional coach, have you ever heard people say: “I would love to be a coach but I don’t think I would have the right questions to ask a client”. It seems that it’s a shame that such a limiting belief can potentially hold great coaches back so… Armed with this knowledge and determined to help those who have a desire to help others, here are a set of top 10 coaching questions:

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Setting Up For Success - By Bev James

Most coaches have an absolute passion for the work they do. Many will say that coaching isn’t hard work because they find it such a pleasure. Their core motivation is rarely a desire for riches – most are driven more by the wish to make a tangible difference to people’s lives.

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You Name It! Top Tips For Naming Your Business

I have seen countless coaches get to the exciting stage of naming their business only to find the process of registering the name drives them crazy. Having named several companies myself, I know the feeling, and understand exactly how frustrating it can be.

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Are you READY for Success?

If you consider what you want your future to look like, what does your ultimate success story hold for you? What does it look and feel like? Can you picture yourself punching the air or raising a glass or two in acknowledgement of your achievement?

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