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Posted 1510 Days Ago in: Bev James, Coaching Articles

The Fundamental Skills and Training to Ensure Success - Bev James explains why she created The Personal Success Academy

Looking back at my own journey and the investment I've made in my professional development and personal growth, I can see this really has made a hugely positive impact on both my career and life in general. First and foremost, I believe the key to success is confidence.

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Posted 1521 Days Ago in: Bev James, Coaching Articles

5 Simple Ways For Teenage Girls To Boost Their Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a make-up of the thoughts, feelings and opinions we hold about ourselves, over time these habits of negative thinking can create beliefs about how we see ourselves and dent our self-worth. These beliefs however aren’t fixed and can change, depending on the way we think.

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Posted 1535 Days Ago in: Bev James, Coaching Articles

Are you due an upgrade?

In a world full of upgrades we’re constantly asked if we’d like to update, renew or update different aspects of our lives. Everywhere we go we’re invited to sign up for added benefits, replace good with better and discard the old with the new.

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Posted 1713 Days Ago in: Bev James

Give someone the gift of Do It! Or Ditch It!

Decide to succeed and make every decision count. In eight simple steps, Bev James, the 'Millionaires' Mentor' teaches you how to focus on the ideas that work and how to ditch those that steal time and distract from the bigger picture.

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Posted 1720 Days Ago in: Bev James, Personal Success

A Life Without Limits

Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning and something feels different. You feel alert, energised and your mind is sharp and focused. You feel you can achieve anything you set your heart on.

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Posted 1755 Days Ago in: Bev James, Coaching Articles, Do It or Ditch It

Top 10 things to Do and Ditch when using social media

Its not a question of 'if' you should use social media in your business its more a case of why, how, when and to whom.

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Posted 1832 Days Ago in: Bev James, Book Reviews, Do It or Ditch It

Do it or Ditch It Book reviewed by Claire Cahill

For me a sign of a good book is if I pick it up and continue to read chapter after chapter without putting the book down... This is exactly what happened when I started reading "Do it or Ditch it" by Bev James, MD of The Coaching Academy and Founder of The Entrepreneurs Business Academy with James Caan.

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Posted 1860 Days Ago in: Bev James, Do It or Ditch It

What have you done? What have you ditched?

Have you taken positive action as a result of reading Do it! or Ditch it?

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Posted 1888 Days Ago in: Bev James, Coaching Articles

Bev James: Do Coaches Need Coaches?

When our delegates train to become qualified and skilled coaches, they develop a deep understanding of the different coaching techniques and skills to make a difference to the lives of their clients. But Can a Qualified Coach Be Their Own Coach?

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Posted 1916 Days Ago in: Bev James, Coaching Articles

Bev James: The Courage to Succeed

Bev James talks about how to have the courage to succeed. You know you are progressing if you feel scared, a little out of your depth... here's how to have the confidence to keep moving towards success.

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Posted 2007 Days Ago in: Ask Bev, Bev James

Ask Bev - Should I charge my coaching sessions by the hour or should I promote them in blocks?

"Should I charge my coaching sessions by the hour or should I promote them in blocks?" There is no right or wrong answer here but my advice would be - don't sell coaching sessions by the hour. Read on and watch the video to find out more.

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