Who moved my Cheese? is a short, easy to read story about change and how to make change easier and more enjoyable.

Who moved my Cheese? is a short, easy to read story about change and how to make change easier and more enjoyable.

The story takes us into a maze where we find four characters enjoying cheese, two mice Sniff and Scurry and two little people Hem and Haw. One day all the cheese disappears from their comfortable cheese station. Through the story we follow the four characters and how they react to this life-changing event.

As you follow the story you might recognize your own behaviours in the reactions of the characters. Sniff and Scurry follow their instincts, they pay attention on a daily basis and they notice early when all the cheese has gone. With the cheese gone, they move on in the search of new cheese and soon find a new supply where they settle down to enjoy the cheese until it’s time to move again. They keep life simple and take action.

Hem and Haw have a much harder time recognizing the changes and when they do, they first don’t want to believe it. They complain that it is not fair, somebody should put the cheese back where it was as they are entitled to their cheese. Obviously nothing happens without taking action, they get hungry and start feeling weak.

Eventually Haw realizes that he has to take control and move to find some new cheese. It’s hard and the fear makes moving forward very difficult. However, he learns that when he laughs about his own silliness, when he pushes through the fear and keeps moving whilst picturing his life having found the new cheese, he finds that he feels more energized, more positive and much happier. He starts to enjoy the adventure.

Finally he does find new cheese which is even better than he had imagined. However, this time he is careful not to get too comfortable, to pay attention to his environment and to be prepared for the next time he has to adapt to change again. He is willing to learn from his mistakes.

I feel that this story is a wonderful simple reminder of how coaching works.

A client comes to us because their cheese (whatever they feel makes them happy) has been moved. We help our clients to decide in which direction they wish to move, to picture the new cheese experience in detail so they can get excited and motivated for the journey ahead.

If they have any fears or negative beliefs we help them to push through the fears and create more empowering beliefs. We support our clients through the journey until they have found their new cheese and to learn from any mistakes on the way, to stay motivated and to keep moving. Just think how much easier Haw would have found the challenge if he had been supported by a great coach.

For me the two greatest messages from the story are:

- Don’t take yourself too seriously. Humour is a great tool for positive change

- Trust that there is always new cheese to be found as long as you keep moving.

Enjoy the book!

Isabel Harward



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