To begin our 6-Part 'Coaching Academy Author Series’, we asked TCA’s very own CEO Bev James to share a few words about how Coaching influenced her best-selling book DO IT! OR DITCH IT…

As an avid reader I always dreamed of writing a book one day but that’s all it was, a dream for many years until I found coaching. I truly believe, in fact I KNOW that training as a Coach with The Coaching Academy helped me achieve my dream. Coaching gave me the awareness and ability to organise my thoughts and logically construct a plan to cover each section of my book and I’m sure many authors will agree, especially first time authors that the thought of and the process of writing a book can be a daunting task, which can be disorientating.

So many limiting beliefs can rise to the surface and occupy every waking moment. These limiting beliefs can delay you or worse still derail you completely if you do not recognise them for what they are and then have a strategy to defeat them. Without doubt, my coach training helped me to successfully combat the many limiting beliefs that surfaced along the way.

Upon completion, seeing my book "DO IT! OR DITCH IT” on the shelves at Waterstones and then hearing it was awarded Sunday Times Best seller status was a very proud and emotional moment for me.  However, the most rewarding thing was and still is to this day, receiving emails and social media posts from people who have taken action in their own lives, as a result of reading my book.

Coaching had such a positive impact on my life and it’s great to know that writing my book has helped others make a positive and lasting difference to their lives.

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