. Read on and watch the video to find out Bev's response. " />

Here's another great question and answer in the Ask Bev series. Each week Bev will be answering your business building questions and this week's is - "How does one win the confidence of the very first client given that you have no experience?". Read on and watch the video to find out Bev's response.

Here’s another great question in the Ask Bev series...

“How does one win the confidence of your very first client given that you have no experience?”

If you are ready to take paying clients then you would have gone through the qualification process. You would have been on the training days, had numerous practice clients and had your practical assessments with our qualifications team.  

Along this process you have certainly gained valuable experience and been assessed and passed with the necessary competencies that are required to be a great Coach. 

Remember, no one needs to know it’s your first time. If you want someone to have confidence in you then you need to have confidence in yourself and demonstrate that confidence. 

As with any profession, people go through extensive training to get to where they are. If a pilot or a train driver is in control and responsible for a vehicle carrying hundreds of passengers then they are in that position because they are 100% ready for it.

Same goes for Coaches, if you’ve been through the training and you're a qualified Coach then you are ready.

Have confidence in yourself and others will have confidence in you.

Wishing you well





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