If you are a coach, and you'd like an easy way of introducing yourself to potential clients, why not list yourself on our new Coaching Directory?


The Coaching Directory

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Advertise your coaching services as part of The Coaching Academy Website

What is it?

The Coaching Directory is a list of professional coaches who have the opportunity to tell people what they offer, how it can help and how much it is. It also allows the coach to offer free trial sessions or other promotional offers before the client embarks on paying sessions. This will help turn your coaching practice into a coaching BUSINESS.

What does it do?

• The directory is part of The Coaching Academy website

• More than 10,500 visitors per week which is…..

• 42,000 people per month interested in coaching/personal development

• 546,000 people per year visiting the website

By clicking on your profile, potential clients will then be able to click through to YOUR website where you can tell them even more about the products and services you offer and potentially turn a click into a client.

What if you don’t have a website?

You can still take advantage of the special offer to save £75 and have your listing included at a later date.

OR you can just upload your contact details

How much is it?

For a 12 month listing on the directory, the investment is £197 +vat.

The current special offer is £120 +vat

How to register

Use the discount code - TCACOACH

Register with The Coaching Directory Today


More questions?

Call the Coaching Academy office - 0208 996 5057



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