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Are you due an upgrade?

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In a world full of upgrades were constantly asked if wed like to update, renew or update different aspects of our lives. Everywhere we go were invited to sign up for added benefits, replace good with better and discard the old with the new.

In a world full of upgrades we’re constantly asked if we’d like to update, renew or update different aspects of our lives. Everywhere we go we’re invited to sign up for added benefits, replace good with better and discard the old with the new.

But what is an upgrade? An upgrade is an enhancement, that when added to an existing product or service makes it even more efficient, effective, attractive or valuable. Sometimes it costs more, and sometimes it’s free – but it will always make life easier and more fun. If you’re travelling and are offered an upgrade you feel special. You certainly don’t want to be downgraded. An upgrade is something to aspire to.

It’s important to evolve with the times in the fast paced world we live in, if you stand still you risk moving backwards. Musical icons such as Madonna and Lady Gaga continuously reinvent and refresh their image ensuring they maintain their presence. Steve Jobs revolutionised the way we use our mobile phones by creating a culture that has now become dependent on a yearly phone upgrade guaranteeing access to the latest technology and applications.

Here are my 5 steps for a successful personal upgrade:

1) Update your skills

Imagine what it would be like to create an upgraded version of you. What skills, traits or attributes would allow you to create an even better, talented and more effective identity? You’d still be you but a better version. The change can be subtle or dramatic, either one would be a change for the better.

2) Get ready for success

Visualise receiving a phone call offering you an opportunity that you’ve always dreamed of, are you ready? Many people find themselves passing up opportunities when they arise because they feel they aren’t ready or the timing isn’t right. Re-visit your big dream and take the time to prepare for it, ensuring you’re taking the steps to make it happen. 

3) Trade old habits

To qualify for your upgrade how would you live or behave? What company would you keep? What would you need to change in order to achieve the upgraded version of you? What adjustments would you need to make to achieve your goals? Consider what habits you’re holding onto that could be holding you back. This isn’t an overnight process; in order to evolve, gradual adjustments are required.

  • Eradicate negative thinking
  • Value your achievements so far
  • Open yourself up to your vision of success
  • Live the dream in your imagination
  • Vow a commitment to change
  • Execute your plan – one step at a time

 4) Consider Coaching

Having a coach in your corner can be your secret weapon. Your coach can help you assess where you are and plan where you want to go. Your coach can also help you overcome any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, supporting you in taking your life or business to the next level. 

5) Imagine your podium moments

Ultimately the purpose of a personal upgrade is to overcome any obstacles to success by avoiding, leaping over and removing them altogether. The best motivator for an upgrade is a ‘podium moment’ – the moment you can celebrate reaching your goal. Your skills become familiar, you’re in your stride and you feel a sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve made it.

That’s when the voice inside resurfaces, and says once more - ‘Do you want to upgrade?’ And of course, you do… striving for success is a continual journey of reinvention.

I’d love to hear what steps you’re taking to up-grade yourself. Let me know #upgrade

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