This week's Coach in the Spotlight is Aneta Sanders, who turned her passion for coaching into a part-time job with the TCA Protege Programme. Her work comes from a place of compassion and love and she is on a mission to help people remind themselves of how strong and powerful they are. Enjoy Aneta's inspiring story!

Aneta Sanders is the Founder of Flying High Coaching and a Protege student with The Coaching Academy. 

Looking at the title of this article perhaps you wonder why the terms ‘coaching’ and ‘love' found themselves used in the same sentence. And I have a very good reason for doing so. Let me tell you how I came to be qualified as a coach and what coaching from the frequency of love means to me. 

My journey with coaching started about seven years ago when my friend, told me about the coaching qualifications she was doing with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, our professional body.
It sparked my interest, which was then validated by my friend saying that ‘it is your natural approach’. At the time I knew I was a curious being but didn’t know what coaching really was. 

I dipped my toes in what I thought was coaching around three years ago, as part of my professional HR role. I have certainly shifted in my approach from advising asking questions, and I have previously received great feedback on my listening, but the genuine coaching didn’t mean as much to me until I have started my journey with The Coaching Academy.

I have been thinking about studying for a coaching qualification, but there was always something holding me back – money, time or life in general.
That was until March 2019 when an advert for Introduction to Life Coaching with The Coaching Academy popped up on Facebook.
Out of curiosity I signed up and was blown away by Mike, Kris and Sarah. Immediately I was sparked to apply for the Protégé programme so that I had the best chance of learning everything there was to learn about coaching and expanding my coaching toolbox and to start learning actual coaching skills.
This journey started with excitement on my first two Accelerator Days, as I decided it would be more time and cost-effective to do two diplomas (Personal Performance Diploma and Corporate and Executive Diploma) at once.

What a learning that has been in every sense!

I encountered and befriended so many wonderful, like-minded individuals through The Coaching Academy, people who support each other through the coaching journey and freely share their knowledge and experience. They became my tribe. I have also been ‘paying forward’ to the people I am meeting, who have only just started their transition themselves as coaches through the programmes. 

I call it the transition as the training transformed me and helped me to see myself and other people differently. I have a particular affinity with DISC, which helped me build confidence in myself, understand myself as well as others. That knowledge even gave me the courage to address a long-standing conflict.

Coaching has been incredibly magical for me and my clients.
I work with people who lost their way and ‘realign their thinking’ to get them to be more successful and to remind them how powerful they are. I am the happiest and most satisfied when my clients become independent and carry on with the mindset created through our coaching sessions.
With each session, I learn a lot more about them and about myself and what I value, believe in and want from life. Other people’s thinking is opening my perspective as well.

The skills I acquired are short of phenomenal – deep ‘in the zone’ listening for things that are said and, more importantly, not being said, observation of microexpressions, challenging limiting beliefs and others, understanding their and my driving values, learning how to manage my state and emotions and silencing inner dialogue, as well as withholding the judgement and being more forgiving and accepting of my client and my faults and ‘transgressions’. 

That’s where the ‘love’ and ‘coaching’ meet for me.

I see myself as a leader within coaching from the frequency of love – people who meet me always remark on my high energy, enthusiasm and exuberance that fuels the absolute belief in my mission and ‘coaching magic’ that my clients tell me they continue to experience. I pump small successes into big ‘hurrahs’ and infect my clients with a high level of commitment.

The clients who have been gravitating towards me suffer from lack of confidence, self-love and the feeling they are not enough.
These individuals are so beautiful inside and out, but events in their lives withered them and they forgot to love themselves through the tough times.

This is where coaching acts like a mirror – by exploring my clients’ strengths and reminding them how wonderful and resourceful they really are. And by bringing the empowering thoughts to the surface and practising them daily – suddenly they do things they never thought possible.
And quicker too!

I believe that we are energy beings, who think. Then thoughts become things. Working on your unconscious mind through monitoring and programming your conscious thoughts is a journey and a skill. 

The measure of your thoughts is your feelings. There are the feelings that make you feel bad – guilt, depression, fear, anger, resentment – these decrease your frequency.
On another side – passion, hope, happiness, joy, gratitude and, finally, love – increase your frequency. These positive emotions are 100x more powerful in effect than the negative ones.
Love = trust, safety, certainty and respect.
All of those aspects can be found in a coaching relationship, therefore coaching from that frequency will enhance exponentially the power of coaching for the clients. It will give both parties a chance to redirect thoughts and feelings towards creating a desired future.

Having said that – you can only take clients as far or as deep as you have ventured yourself, so it’s crucial that you work on your own development and enlightenment.
We all have our stories, trials and pain. At every moment you have a choice – do I focus on what has been or shall I choose to create a new life for myself, the life I desire? 

You are in charge of your life, so you can choose to:

1. Think about what you want and manifest it consistently.

2. Programme your brain to focus on what you want and add passion to make it happen even faster. 

3. Love yourself unconditionally and want the best for you;

4. Be brave enough to immerse yourself in a healthy, wise love for yourself. Loving is not a weakness. Loving requires strength;

5. Begin to feel love, health, prosperity, confidence, even if it’s not there (yet) and the universe will respond to your inner feelings and manifest. You’ll create your own universe.

6. Start to be grateful for what you have – shift your energy.
When you have a shift from fear, anger, resentment and grief to love then your body will start to heal and respond. Forgiveness is the greatest act of letting go.
Life should be working for you, not against you. Healing has to take place on multiple levels – mentally, physically and spiritually to move us from illness to wellness.

Every time you coach, you change the world.

When you help your clients to see the world differently, you change their world and they create results that looked impossible a moment before.

When you do it with love and passion, you help them create exponential results. Like one of my clients who didn’t ask for a promotion for eight years, until she believed that she deserved it. Or another client who didn’t know her physical transformation journey until she lost 4.5 stone and uncovered that she deserved to be happy and confident whatever she chose to look like; or many other clients who stood up to bullying or other abuse in their lives – they blossomed with empowerment, confidence and courage to design their desired way forward.

I want to make my mark on the world and create a positive difference. I want to leave a legacy of continuous personal and professional development and inspire those who don’t believe in themselves yet.

What I wish for you is that you love yourself enough to choose the best options and then you can be a priceless companion on your client’s journey.

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