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A Personal Success WINNER!

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Launched just 2 weeks ago, The Personal Success Academy has had an overwhelming number of people enrol for membership. The very first person to enrol was Isabel Harward and she has been rewarded for being an action orientated individual by Bev James. Thank you Isabel!

The Personal Success Academy was launched just 2 weeks ago with an overwhelming number of people enrolling for membership. The very first person to enrol was…Isabel Harward - Congratulations!

Being action orientated can bring you great rewards

To reward this action orientated individual, Bev James, The coaching Academy C.E.O. and founder of The Personal Success Academy took immediate action herself to reward this “DO IT OR DITCH IT!” individual.

Bev phoned Isabel to offer her an ‘on the spot’ prize – Lunch with Bev at her favourite restaurant and an invaluable one to one mentoring session to work on Isabel’s goal of setting up a successful coaching business once she has qualified.

Currently in training with The Coaching Academy Isabel said that she sees membership of The Personal Success Academy as a great opportunity to enhance her learning and develop some new skills. “It was such a surprise to hear from Bev – it really was out of the blue. In fact I was wondering at first why she was calling me! When she told me that I was the first person to join and that as a prize for being the first member, we were going to spend some time working on my future, I was astounded – It’s a great opportunity”.

Bev said “Isabel will always be special to us as she was the very first person to enrol as a member of The Personal Success Academy! - It goes to prove that action brings things to life. So many people want a different outcome in their personal lives or their careers but often do nothing to bring about change – Isabel is a shining example of an action orientated person and I am delighted to have the opportunity to meet her and work with her”.

Are you Action Orientated?

An important part of progression and goal achievement is the willingness to make decisions and take responsibility for the outcomes. Successful people are ready to be accountable and are action orientated. It is a strength of character to have the ability to make the best possible decision quite quickly, and one that we admire.

Action orientated people are usually driven to succeed from the get go, they take control to influence future outcomes of their situations but from time to time, we can all easily fall into the trap of non- action.

Ask Yourself

• What do you need to STOP doing in order to take action? Procrastinating? Living in the past? Having regrets? Blaming others? Putting yourself down?

• What do you need to do LESS of that may be holding you back from taking action? Spending? Watching TV? Eating junk food? Putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own?

And Finally

We’re pleased to report that Isabel is enjoying her first Personal Success Academy module - In particular, the way that the module has been set up with the great combination of exercises, reading and videos all interspersed together.

A huge thank you and congratulations again to Isabel for being our very first person to enrol on to The Personal Success Academy! We’re sure you will have a great lunch and coaching session with Bev.

Take Action – Join Now and become a founder member

If you are still yet to enrol as a member of Personal Success Academy there’s still time to take advantage of our founder member offer. You save £47 with no joining fee and it will always be only £9.97 a month.

Enrol today and you may be our next lucky member to be rewarded for taking action!


“When I saw my weekly update from The Coaching Academy with news of The Personal Success Academy, I thought it looked great, the founder member offer looked great and I knew it would be useful to my own personal development so I signed up straight away” - Isabel Harward


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