Talk to most people about the power of manifesting desires and their eyes will just glaze over. It will be apparent they are totally closed to the idea, some may argue, particularly those in western cultures. The mere possibility that your unconscious mind can have the power to deliver real physical things, to them seems absurd. And yet even the science of quantum physics, is now accepting that “reality” is not quite what they originally thought.

Thoughts are a form of energy, like other forces and can be directed in ways to have an influence of external surroundings when focused correctly. The 6 steps below need to be consistently followed to fully utilise your unconscious mind:

Keep the end in focus

Continually remind yourself of what achieving the desire will mean to you and your quality of life. Do not loose sight of this vision and repeatedly focus on it.

Expect your desire will come true

Totally committing to the idea that your desire will be delivered, somehow, someway will propel you forward and make you committed to your outcome.

Imagine you have what you desire now

Really visualise this. Your unconscious mind is a powerful tool and when it is dreaming, doesn’t know the difference between reality and projection, past or present. Utilise this, so that your mind and whole being is “persuaded” that it already has what it desires now. In effect, you are confusing your mind to believe that you already have all you desires and are not lacking in anyway.

Exclude negativity

Focusing on the lack of something will only attract more of the something you lack. For example, if you wish to manifest a wider circle of friends then going to a party with the belief that you are inferior to others is not the best mindset to be in. You will only separate yourself from the crowd and hold yourself back form any interactions, or shy away from getting involved in conversations.

Keep focused

You need to really, really focus on the desire you want to achieve. Keep continually reminding yourself of what it will mean to you once it is in your life.  If you have visualised this powerfully enough, this will give you the “juice” or “fuel” to stick to your new belief system and the task ahead.

Let the past go

Do not let your old fears, rejections and other obstacles hold you back. What has happened in the past has no bearing on the future so accept the responsibility of moving your life in the direction you wish and you will soon be manifesting your desires into reality.

Manifesting desires can be achieved following the above briefly outlined plan. Let yourself go and you may very well surprise yourself by achieving everything you dream of.

Good luck and remember, you mustn’t be afraid to dream big!

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