Winter has fallen behind us and the season of new beginnings has arrived! Are you filled with excitement for the next season of your life, or do you have a nagging feeling of sadness which questions whether you’ll ever feel happier?

If we maintain a pattern of negative thinking, we may focus on all of the things that could go wrong which can leave us feeling demotivated and stuck.

The good news is, you are in control of how you feel and have the ability to change your state, from low to up-lifted at any time.

If you want to make a change to your mood, below are some ways that you can inject more happiness into your day:

1. Notice your body language

Have you ever noticed the body language of those who look happy and those who look anxious or depressed? It has been scientifically proven that body language can have a fundamental impact on our moods and how we feel.

If you notice that you’re slumping at your desk or walk around with your head looking downwards, you could be replicating the body language of someone who is feeling unhappy.

Replace this body language by sitting up-right at your desk and walking around with your head up, you could even force yourself to smile to trick your brain into feeling happy. Doing so can help you to strike up a power pose and instantly transform your state!

2. Set goals or intentions

Some of the happiest people have clarity around what they want, where they are going and what they would like to achieve. Setting goals for themselves has been an essential ingredient for their personal success.

When you set goals for yourself, you have something to focus on and strive towards. Each step you take towards achieving these goals can help you to feel comfortable with stretching your boundaries and increase your sense of pride for your progress.

When you reach the finish line it can also build up your confidence to try more things and increase your happiness levels as you are left safe in the knowledge that you are moving forward in your life!

3. Celebrate

How often do you stop to celebrate your progress or share your positive experiences with others? Allowing yourself to acknowledge your achievements is essential to your happiness as it acts as a friendly reminder of how far you have come which can amplify your sense of self.

Whenever you achieve something, however small it may be, stay present with that moment and take out some time to celebrate your milestones!

4. Be the master of your fate!

When you allow yourself to accept that you have full responsibility and control of your life, you stop blaming others for impacting how you feel and gain full power over your feelings. When we take happiness into our own hands instead of expecting others to determine our happiness it leaves us feeling free and empowered.

We always have a choice over what type of life we choose to create for ourselves, when we truly allow ourselves to embrace this knowing it can boost our self-esteem and power us up to create a life we love so that we can become the masters of our own fate!

5. Explore

Happy people tend to move their body more often, whether it’s by going for walks in the park, taking up a new hobby or meeting new people, if you find yourself isolated and cooped up indoors all of the time it can leave you feeling down in the dumps!

Getting out into some fresh air and spending time doing things that you enjoy gives your brain a chance to let go of the stresses of your work or home life, leaving you feeling uplifted and ready for action!

So, there we have it, happiness doesn’t need to be an illusion - it can be your state of being, the power is in your hands!

We’d love to know about your happiness rituals, share them with us in the comments below!

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