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How to Fit Training to Become a Coach in Your Busy Life


Many TCA students begin their studies while in a full-time job, many are parents and have other day-to-day responsibilities on the side. So how do they fit the study around their busy lives? If you are a TCA student looking for some tips or simply interested in coaching but you're not sure how you could find the time for this, this article is for you. Read on!

We could share with you time- management tips but you might have heard plenty from your friends. If procrastination is a challenge for you, you’ll find key strategies for that here. And if you want to learn more about managing your time depending on which DISC personality type you are, we have you covered. 

But that’s not what this article is about. We believe that the truly best strategies will come from those who have been through the same road and faced the same challenges as you do: the Graduates of The Coaching Academy. 

Here are the best tips to manage studying with The Coaching Academy, all while having a full-time job, parenting, caring for others and more! 

1. Go at your own pace 

When you start the Personal Performance Diploma, you might have an idea or an expectation of how much time you should take to qualify. And while setting a deadline for yourself is recommended, setting a deadline for yourself after you have all your information is even better! 

These are just some of the students who said that their top tip for others is to take the time you need to become the best coach possible. 

“My top tips for those currently in training with TCA would be to go at your own pace. Everyone is different and it is important that you make the most of it.“ Anna Filatova  

Listen to yourself and what feels right for you. Take as long as you need to absorb the training, it’s not so much about that piece of paper at the end of it and more about enjoying the journey, the learning and the experience.

A good ode to life I’d say.Laurie Rees 

Enjoy the process, don’t rush it and if life gives you lemons, keep going. It’s all part of the learning and experience that will help your personal and professional growth.” Sheleen Johnson t

“I took longer to qualify than a lot of fellow TCA students that I knew or who I’d spoken to on accelerator training days. I had to work on my mindset when I saw others moving a lot faster than I was.

So, my top tip to those looking to qualify or are currently training to become a professional coach is to complete the training in the way that works for you and at your own pace!Sarah Curtis

2. Reach out to the community 

Home study is not alone study with The Coaching Academy. Get support, advice or simply friendly words from your fellow students. If you are a student, make sure you join the TCA Student Facebook group. If you are not, make sure you immerse yourself in the world of coaching in the TCA community group.

My top tips for those currently training would be to reach out and make the most of your fellow coaches.

The people I have met are such an important part of my community. They have provided me with advice, support, challenge (which I have needed at times!) and safe space to off-load and unwind, and have helped me dig out the learning when things haven’t gone the way I expected.”  Jessica Woodsford

3. Get organized

Stay on top of the paperwork! It can take a little more time after a session/webinar/etc., but it will be so much easier to stay on track if you complete your record sheets as soon as possible.Laura Jeffs  

I would highly recommend keeping yourself organised and complete all the paperwork on time.

For example, if you attended an Accelerator Day, complete the Learning Record Sheet straightaway. Also, after each coaching session, fill in the Coach Record Sheet with key learning points, areas for development and actions to be taken. I would also recommend working with a more experienced coach, as you will learn from them and they will give you the support you need.Diana Moraru 

4. Start coaching 

Start coaching ASAP! Just do it – the sooner you get going, the quicker you learn, the quicker you qualify.Carey Davis Munro  

If you are currently training with the academy, my top tip would be to coach! There is a lot to learn, but you’ll only find your ‘flow’ through the actual practice. So without further ado, and without putting too much pressure on yourself, take the leap and get as much experience as you can.Andrew Davies 

5. Get yourself a coach 

“Coach as often as you can, allow yourself to fail, be kind to yourself and reflect on the learning. Get yourself a coach, make it a priority! “ Helen Jennings 

6. Get your first Assessment done early 

Another tip is to take the first Practical Assessment sooner rather than later. It is a free hit so it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. The feedback will get your wheels of progression roll-ing. If the wheels aren’t turning you’re probably not learning!Randal Porter 

7. Make use of the resources available 

Keep your reflections, paperwork, diary, and Personal Learning Journal up to date, and try to set aside time to watch the webinars-I learnt so much from the wonderful resources on the online learning platform!Gina Morrell 

8. Check tasks of your study list as you go 

Use the fantastic resources that the TCA provide, especially the checklist that they’ve created on the online portal, which helps you track your tasks and progress throughout your journey. “ Caroline Gavin  

9. Complete your paperwork as you go 

"On the paperwork, I would encourage you to complete this as you progress through the course. Check on all the relevant information you need to provide and tick it off as you go. I found having a spreadsheet helped, especially with the final paper and monitoring the word count!" Lyndsey Clay 

10. The final assessment is not a secret 

Check out the 10 questions in the final assessment paper from the outset as you can pick up some real gems from the Accelerator Days and other training material as you go along. When you come to the end the paper will not be so daunting to complete. “ Maria Foxwell 

11. Start coaching outside of the TCA community 

The other tip I would give is to find as many coaching clients to practise on. Whether they are free or paid is immaterial, it’s all about the practice.

Use LinkedIn and approach former colleagues etc. rather than friends.

Whilst I had some great reciprocal coaching with fellow students from TCA, too many can be a bit samey, nothing beats real, live clients.Chris Green 

12. Set a goal to complete to training 

I found it very useful to consistently work on my training as this kept it at the forefront of my mind. Space the Accelerator Days, mentoring sessions and assessments out nice and evenly over a set amount of time (with a goal submission date of course!).

Connect with several other coaches who are studying at a similar pace to you so you can go on the journey together, which always makes it more fun.  

Don’t be afraid to have a go, make mistakes and tweak processes as you go along.  his goes for booking assessments, to launching a website, all the way to testing new business strategies that increase your exposure. Get used to being in your own spotlight! “ Julie Dujmovic

13. Reflect on your achievement 

“Be proud of you. Keep reminding yourself that you are unique and this will enable you to connect with a client in a way that another person would not be able to.“ Marissa McCallam 

14. Find the best way of learning for you 

I'm an auditory learner so recording my sessions with the clients' permission helped, as well as doing a 3-way coaching triangle to get feedback and learn from others coaching styles.Olivia Carter 

15. Keep at it

Soon after enrolling with The Coaching Academy onto the Corporate Diploma, I got diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and got admitted into the hospital. I nearly died. I spent time recovering but once I was able to continue, I picked up my books and began attending the accelerator days.

Looking back it was one of the hardest things I had to do but I did it! I am so proud of myself and that persistence has paid off. Giving up was never an option! So my advice would be, keep at it, don't lose heart, life is full of ups and downs. Even if you commit to putting in 30 minutes each day towards becoming a professional coach, I promise you, it will pay off!Davinder Rana

16. Trust the process

Begin to recognize what your own limiting beliefs are and modify them to continue trusting you and the processRosa Cabrera Delgado 

We hope these tips from fellow students have given you some ideas you can implement. And if the lack of time has been holding you back from starting, then perhaps you're having second thoughts about it. There's never been more need for support and an empathetic ear and there's no reason why this couldn't be you. 

Now it's your turn  - if you are a TCA Student, which one of these tips do you agree with? And what else would you add? Let us know in the comments below! 


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