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Stepping up in times of uncertainty - A message from our CEO, Bev James


As a coaching community, we all agree that what we're focusing on is our choice. Here at The Coaching Academy, we're focusing on showing up for our community, supporting those in need and upskilling in a changing climate, starting with a special message from The Coaching Academy's CEO, Bev James.

 A message from our CEO, Bev James

 In these extraordinary times, I feel even more grateful for our wonderful Coaching Academy family. Rest assured, we will continue to nurture, support and connect with our community online, to help inspire, educate and grow.

Community is at the heart of TCA , and we strongly believe that kindness and unity can potentially be more contagious than any virus. Coaches have valuable skills that the world needs right now. We can help people navigate uncertainty and manage change not to mention helping with relationships in trying times.

Together we can make a difference to our community and our world.

Let’s use the Superpower that is coaching to step up, unite and pull together for the greater good.

I hope to virtually see you soon, 

Bev James and The Coaching Academy invite you to show up for your community in the simplest ways possible.
You can find a list of ideas that you can do today to help those around you, below.

But before we get to that, we want to remind you how we will continue to show up for you and support you:

1. Our team is here to support you on your journey

Whether you’re getting in touch via email (info@the-coaching-academy.com) , social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn) or  telephone (0208 996 5057) you can keep relying on us to guide you through the exciting world of coaching.

2. Joining the TCA Community

Our wonderful community of students is connected on Facebook and we’re grateful to see mutual support, uplifting messages and mutual accountability. Uncertain times call for us to step out as leaders and TCA students are leading the way! 
If you’re not a TCA Student, please join the TCA Community group on Facebook. It’s the go-to place for like-minded people to talk about coaching, mindset, building resilience, goal setting and more.
We are also focused on creating engaging and insightful content on all our social channels for you to guide you through these times of uncertainty. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for live videos, ad-hoc training and uplifting messages.

3. Online training and webinars

 Providing the top tier training you’re used to continues to be a priority. We’re working with our trainers and mentors to make sure you keep moving towards qualifying for your coaching diploma. Stay tuned for more information.

4. We are the-go to training company for life coaches, business coaches and all in between

If you’re not a student of The Coaching Academy and you’re thinking about studying from home so you can work from home in the growing industry of coaching, start by joining us for a live webinar.
This interactive online session will introduce you to the Foundations of Life Coaching where you’ll discover the tools and skills needed to succeed as a coach as well as strategies to build a growing business. Register and choose your preferred time, here.    

Other questions you might have….

1. When will Accelerator Days be back?

The health and safety of our students is our number one priority and to adhere with the advice of the Government and Health Authorities, we have decided to postpone the April Accelerator Days and any future Accelerator Days until further notice and we continue to monitor the situation across the UK.
And we have wonderful news for you! We are currently working on tools and resources instead of these live training to support you in this period. Stay tuned for more information.

2. What can you do instead of attending live training to further your studies?

We welcome you to work through the workbooks, book your webinars as well as plan for mentoring sessions and practical assessments. Additionally, read around topics of interest, watch online videos and recorded webinars and tune in to Facebook live videos to connect with TCA and the community. 
Most importantly, we recommend you take this time to coach people during these challenging times on topics like resilience and change.

3. What support is currently available to assist you with your coaching diploma?

We are currently talking to our mentors and assessors to support you in your studies. Please get in touch with the TCA support team for any questions you might have about your studies at support@the-coaching-academy.com. If you need guidance with your qualifications, our team is here to help, please email us at qualifications@the-coaching-academy.com

And most importantly….

4. What can you do to help your community?

As coaches, we strive to help those around us and we’re used to offering compassionate support in times of need. This is no different, just focus on doing this from the safety of your own home.
Here are just a few ideas on how to support others, to get you started. 

  • Group coaching for your community 
  • Call your loved ones often
  • Reach out to friends you didn’t hear from in a while
  • Talk to elderly relatives more often 
  • Help people talk about their fears. It’s normal in these chaotic times to feel anxious or overwhelmed.
    Ann Skidmore recently wrote an article about how she used her coaching skills to help her mother feel more safe, read it here.
  • Share what you know with the world.
    Some of our qualified coaches are speaking up louder than ever about the benefits of mindset shifts and perspective changes.
    Award-winning coach Natalie Costa was on BBC News to share tips for parents about handling times of change with a house full of children.
  • Share techniques that you use to overcome anxiousness and overwhelm and share them with others.
    International Coach of the Year Ronia Fraser recently posted a new video for her community about Havening Techniques® to use to build resilience
  • Boost the mood of your community. TCA Student Charlotte Elizabeth hosts a daily online dance session to shake the stress away
  • Volunteer!
    Work with small business owners as so many will face difficult challenges and heartbreaking decisions. 
    Coach NHS staff as many of them will face challenges many of us can’t fathom to imagine.
    Help struggling shop workers to build resilience and face their fears.
    Support those who are at the forefront of helping others.

Do you have any other tips to help others? Let us know what you’re doing to support your community!

If you’re currently studying at home and want to share your experience of home study with others, let’s chat. Email us at social@the-coaching-academy.com and tell us how you are striving to be the best version of yourself in challenging times.