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Merry Christmas from Bev James & The Coaching Academy Team


Merry Christmas and joyful holidays from our CEO, Bev James and The Coaching Academy team.

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a happy, peaceful and healthy Christmas and New Year.

2020 has not unfolded as we thought it would or how we would have liked. There have been far-ranging difficulties and, sadly, many casualties during this time. There have also been many wonderful examples of how individuals within our coaching communities have stepped up and done whatever they could to help those in need. Good deeds both big and small but all-important and worthwhile – people doing what they could, whatever that might have been.

I am fortunate to work with a variety of clients who used their abilities to help others during 2020. Joe Wicks MBE became the nation’s PE teacher throughout lockdown raising £580,000 for the NHS and equally importantly, he raised the spirits of the Nation. Captain Sir Tom Moore walked his way into the hearts of us all and raised £38.9 million for the NHS in the process. In fact, every one of my clients stepped up during Covid by using their influence and offering their expertise to help others. 

I am proud of my clients, but I am equally proud of YOU, the Coaching Academy students and graduates who rallied together to use their coaching skills to help others.
I know that hundreds of you joined charities to coach others through their difficult times. Even more of you stepped up to help and support each other as peers and now, in many cases, are close friends. Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that makes the biggest difference.
I doubt there is anyone reading this message who didn’t do their bit during this time of need, either by checking in on family, friends and neighbours or by offering to buy groceries for those that couldn’t go outside. Covid-19 may have robbed us of our freedom but kindness has prevailed – it has been a reminder of what’s really important. 

In 2021, I believe we will all be setting slightly different goals around how we want to live and who we want to be. I believe coaches will help their clients reflect on the impact of 2020, take stock and set out on a new path to building a life of value through setting purpose-driven goals. 

The Coaching Academy will continue to support you and will also continue our focus to deliver world-class training to empower, inspire and mobilise you into large-scale, positive action. We are a community, and we are stronger together. We can make a difference to those around us every single day. Instead of giving up, we step up. Instead of turning our backs, we turn to help and as we head into 2021, we do so with our heads held high, ready to take on whatever is ahead of us…together.

From me, Bev James, and the whole Coaching Academy team, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.