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From burnout to breakthrough - by Dawn Breslin


Dawn Breslin is a leading light in the field of coaching and personal transformation. Through her work as Best-selling Hay House author, inspirational keynote speaker, TV & Radio presenter, and media consultant for some of the world's leading brands, she has inspired thousands of individuals to heal, re-energise and transform their lives. Dawn had now taken her passion and years of experience into a new coaching niche - Harmonizing Coaching: we interviewed Dawn about this growing niche and how she turned her burn-out into a breakthrough.

Can you tell us a bit about your burn-out to breakthrough journey? 

In 1995 my dream of being a carefree, happy mum was shattered when my baby daughter, Liberty, suffered from colic and didn’t stop crying for nine months. I became postnatally depressed; losing my confidence, self-belief and sense of identity. My life turned around when I attended a two-day workshop – an event which became the springboard to my career as a leading Confidence Coach, and expert in the field of life transformation. Through extensive study in the fields of Psychology and human potential, I went on to commit my life to helping others transform theirs.

However, in 2012 – at the height of my career – my life was derailed for a second time. A series of unavoidable life events escalated at the same time as my online self-development business was running out of cash-flow, leaving me emotionally, energetically and financially bankrupt. Following this, I found myself unable to work for almost two years; but I once again managed to completely turn my life around – going from a place of stress, debt, burn out and energetic depletion to one of vibrant health, balance and radiant well-being. I am now dedicated to helping others align their confidence, self-esteem, life vision and energy through my new Harmonizing Alignment Process.

What is causing people to burn out?

Humans are struggling. With 1 in 4 of us now suffering from anxiety, depression or burn out. 

Industrialisation and the plight for progress have influenced our drive to have be and do more in the world which in turn has accelerated our desires. Furthermore, social media has connected us making the world feel smaller and more accessible - it presents the idea that anything and everything is possible. It showcases the joyous things life has to offer and often clouds the reality the true nature of our existence. 

We have learned to accelerate and forgotten how to stop slow down or even pause. Our human systems are not designed for this level of energy output and as a result burn out is on the increase and lifestyle diseases are rising!      

What are you top tips for people feeling burn-out? 

1. Introduce oxytocin producing/feel good activities 

2. Spend time in nature – try to go alone so you can allow your senses to open up

3. Practice mindfulness. Learn to appreciate being in the moment – stop future focusing

4. Place your bare feet on the earth regularly to balance your energy 

  1. 5. Create space in your life to allow new ideas/opportunities to come into your life  

6. Spend time at the ocean, the sound of the rhythm of the water will help bring your system back into balance. Fresh sea air will cleanse your energy field 

7. Take a career break to allow your nervous system to rest and recover.

8. Lie down on the grass to sleep – this will allow your whole body to earth and ground – this practice will help match your energy with the natural resonance of the earth 

9. Eliminate toxic environments/people from your life.

10. Book a holiday in the wild, go for a deep dive into nature to really bring yourself back into balance 

11. Sleep more

12. Camp, hike, walk  in nature 

13. Practice mindful walking in nature – pay attention to everything around you and watch how your mind chatter settles 

14. Learn from nature’s wisdom – she has so much to teach you!  

What does your Harmonizing programme help people to do?

My programme delivers the mind-set and daily habits to help human beings live sustainable, deeply fulfilling and enjoyable lives. It teaches us how to slow down in order to speed up. It helps us balance our desire for money, power and possession with our hearts desire to honour what’s really important to us. Harmonizing coaching helps us to make choices that will support us to grow and thrive as fulfilled, energises and inspired human beings. 

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