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Katrina Ramsden: My fulfilling coaching journey


This week, our lovely coach, Katrina Ramsden reflected on her inspiring coaching journey as she's searching for life fulfilment and challenge. She shared with us how coaching enhanced her career and enabled her to relish a more positive work-life balance. She also revealed how coaching boosted her self-confidence and empowered her to develop a positive, solution-based mindset to overcome her life obstacles and accomplish more than she believed possible. We hope you enjoy.

What inspired you to enrol with The Coaching Academy?

During my initial 2-Day training course with The Coaching Academy, I was impressed with the organisation’s level of professionalism and particularly the superb trainers who shared their own stories about coaching in such a welcoming manner. Their knowledge, expertise and experience inspired me to think that I too could become a coach. For me, I knew that the blended learning and the different styles of assessment within the programme would enable me to develop the attributes I already had and stimulate the growth of new skills, which inspired me to take the first step of signing up to become a coach.

What was/is your profession before becoming a coach?

When I embarked upon my training, I was working as a personal assistant but was searching for a greater sense of fulfilment and challenge. I realised that I wanted a different kind of learning experience and it quickly became apparent to me that I had a passion for coaching. So, I changed my job to become a Clinical Skills Support Technician, which enabled me to generate a more positive work-life balance. The change in career has enabled me to develop my coaching skills at work as well as maintain a balance between coaching and a full-time job. 

What was the most rewarding part of your journey? 

Initially, I was not sure I could complete the programme and with a close family member being diagnosed with cancer, I do not mind admitting that I lacked some self-confidence. As my journey progressed, I benefitted by the development of a positive, future focused and solution-based mind-set that empowered me to overcome my obstacles. In addition, my reward was meeting some fantastic trainee coaches who continue to coach me and encourage me to keep striving toward my goals. Perhaps the most beneficial reward was exceeding my own expectations and accomplishing more than I initially believed possible. 

How did you fit coach training into your busy life?

I have always enjoyed living a busy and active life, so doing my coaching training became an additional time management challenge. By having a broad understanding at the beginning about the different components that the training consisted of, I then proactively organising my time so that I maintained a steady pace throughout my studies. In true coaching style, I saw my end goal and broke it down into a series of achievable journey steps.

Where you now? How are you using your coaching skills?

I currently work full-time but I am also developing my own coaching business as one of my goals in my spare time. I have recently taken on new clients and I am always looking to coach more! The future looks exciting and I am in such a positive mind-set to meet the further challenges that I am sure will come my way.

What is your coaching niche and why did you choose it?

I thoroughly enjoy coaching people over a broad ranch of topics and even though I have adopted the term ‘life strategist’, I am still exploring different niches because of my love of variety. I like to coach individuals that are wishing to make lifestyle changes, which then tends to fall within the realms of work-life balance, development of small businesses and career choices. I like to use my upbeat mentality to inspire clients to discover what it is that they really want from life and develop their confidence levels in order for them to then be able to achieve it. 

Your coaching top tips for:

People who are looking to become qualified as a professional coach

I propose that you get yourself a coach or several once you have decided that there is a coach within you! By having a coach, you can start to breakdown how you can complete all the different elements of the programme and give yourself deadlines for progression and for keeping on track; draft a plan. Also, start practising your coaching as soon as possible and enjoy the continual learning process; it is all beneficial feedback. 

Those currently in training with The Coaching Academy

For those who have started their coaching journey, immerse yourself in all the learning and new knowledge that you are acquiring; it all comes together like pieces of a jigsaw by the end. Reflect upon your conversation and think about how they are changing as your development evolves and how you are raising others self-awareness as well as your own. An essential tip - keep writing up your learning record sheets as soon as possible! I found that it was a life-saving strategy when it came to amalgamating all of my paperwork before my final submission. 

Coaches that are about to qualify 

If you are on the brink of qualification, you can do it – keep going! Check that you have all of your documentation completed and relish the moment when you are either pressing the send button or pushing it through the letterbox. Take the time to congratulate yourself and appreciate how far you have come. Remind yourself of what a resourceful person you are and ask yourself, what is the next step?


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