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Nataliya Reed - 'Empower yourself to make a change'


Our coach in the spotlight today is Nataliya Reed, who found coaching after her values and priorities shifted.

Nataliya shares more about how her mindset shifted and the way that becoming a qualified coach has changed her life. Now, she is passionate about using her coaching skills to support new mums through tranisitions. We hope you enjoy it. 


How did you first hear about coaching?

Coaching was actually listed as one of my duties in my previous career as a Customer service manager in a large online company. However, I later realised that what we were actually doing was mentoring our team members, not coaching them. 

After having my two beautiful children, while pregnant with the second child actually, I decided to take a career break as my job was no longer challenging. Further, my values and priorities in life had changed. After talking to one of my close friend who was being coached at the time, I felt an excitement inside. As I knew that would be my dream job – working with people and helping them to realise their true potential, empower them to make changes to live the life they only dreamt of.


What inspired you to enrol with The Coaching Academy?

I searched for training providers and attended few taster events, but nothing compared with the two-day Foundation Course by The Coaching Academy (TCA) which was totally free!

I was worried that it was a hard sell to sign up, but instead, I received so much for free. So, afterwards I just couldn’t allow myself to stop there, because I knew I had more to learn from the fantastic trainers at TCA.


What was the most rewarding part of your training/journey?

Where do I start! It’s truly hard to choose just one so I’ll mention a couple. Firstly, the people I met, the support from the like-minded people and being part of amazing coaching community was truly rewarding. Secondly, being able to help the people I coached to start a new journey, start making the changes, become clear and focused of own needs and wants, become aware of own true potential and realising their dreams. Being part of someone’s happy story, when someone started their own business or saved their relationship – can’t put the price on it.


How have your studies impacted your life both personally and professionally?

I received my first professional degree when I was young, and my parents helped me to choose what they thought would be a very financially rewarding career. Comparatively, studying for my coaching qualifications with TCA, was the first time I was studying something with hunger and passion. I would stay up late to study and feel fantastic about it. I found my passion and it didn’t feel like ‘work’. 

My studies also allowed me to stop and look at who I am – including: my values, accepting myself, not judging myself and others, growing my confidence, looking at my strengths and working on old limiting beliefs - I didn’t even realise I had some of them. I have received so much great knowledge and developed so many important skills - not just for a coach but for life, one of the most valuable being - true listening skills.


Where are you now? How are you using your coaching skills?

I qualified this year and I have started my own coaching practise Nataliya Reed Life Coaching, working 1-1 with clients and running workshops for professionals in different fields, both live and online. 


What is your coaching niche and why did you choose it?

My coaching niche is still quite broad as I work with clients on different topics, but mostly it’s career and confidence coaching, but also overall wellbeing and clarity coaching.

My true passion is helping new mums, as I know myself how your confidence can be knocked down after staying at home for a while looking after having your child and quite often losing ‘yourself’ or getting used to/finding your ‘new’ self. Whether it’s ditching guilt and ‘shoulds’ about returning to work full-time, changing career to a part-time, starting your own business or staying at home and choosing stay-at-home mum career – all are equally hard, rewarding and challenging careers.

What are your top tips for:

People who are looking to become qualified as a professional coach?

Follow your passion, ask for advice and don’t be afraid to start something yourself.

Prepare to be organised and focused, plan, but don’t beat yourself up if it takes a bit longer. 

We need to learn to walk before we can run – pace yourself and don’t give up!

Those currently in training with TCA?

If you just started – don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed, it will all soon fall in its’ place. Join the amazing coaching community online and live – people are best resources and support when you feel stuck.

Do not fear the practical assessments – book your first one pretty soon and you ‘ll see that these are one of the most valuable ones for learnings.

If you are halfway through – keep your motivation by reminding yourself why you started the training in a first place and where you want to be once qualified. 

Finally, if you are towards the end, do not delay – complete it, you can do it, and you will be an amazing qualified coach who can help change others lives for the better. What better motivation can you ask for?


If you would be interested in learning more about coaching, join our free two-day Foundation in Life Coaching course. Dates here.