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Georgia Walters - 'I knew this was an investment in myself'


Posted: 583 days ago

Our Coach in the Spotlight this week is mindfulness coach, Georgia Walters.

In this inspiring interview, Georgia shares what spurred her to take the leap and sign up with TCA, more about her coaching journey and the importance of mindfulness and self-care. We hope you enjoy it.

 When did you discover coaching?

I worked in marketing and events for around 5 years, I had a great time with an amazing team however, I never felt satisfied or fulfilled with my work. For a long time, I wanted something more but didn’t know what that could possibly be. I did an intro course in counselling and felt very engaged but knew I really wanted to help people move forward and reach personal goals. So, I went to the two-day Foundation in Life Coaching weekend at The Coaching Academy and loved it! The content, the teachers, the people I met - it was great. I contemplated the idea of spending so much money on something that may never see a return but deep down I knew this was an investment in myself and the only passion I wanted to pursue. There was nothing else I wanted to spend my time or money on and that's what helped me to make the decision to take the leap and sign up with The Coaching Academy. 


What is the most rewarding part of your coaching journey to date? 

The most rewarding part of my life coaching today is knowing that I am able to empower others to believe in their own capabilities. I love having a session with a client challenging them on the unhelpful, soul-destroying thoughts that hold them back and witnessing that light bulb moment where it finally clicks and they suddenly realise who they are and their real potential. It is our right as human beings to grow and transform and coaching allows us to do so. 

Can you tell us about your niche and work as a coach? 

My niche is in mindfulness, it seems to be the new topic of conversation at the moment and I am so happy that people are breaking the stigma around mental health and focusing more on their mental wellbeing. Mindfulness is a tool used to bring more awareness to the current moment in order to be focused on the now rather than spending time either regretting the past or worrying about the future. Research has proven the benefits of Mindfulness including reduced stress levels, better sleep, increased productivity, better memory and the ability to problem solve quicker. 

Mindfulness is such a useful tool as it allows space to ‘just be’ and enables time to explore our inner thoughts. There can be a lot of pressure in today’s society to be better and bolder and mindfulness allows you to take a moment to accept who you are and your situation before moving forward. All feelings come from our thoughts, some we may be aware of and others are buried deep in our subconscious mind so it’s important to bring awareness to our mind and any limiting beliefs. It correlates so well with coaching by stepping out of autopilot and recognizing that all self-development comes from self-awareness.

Meditation is a big part of mindfulness however, it isn’t the only way to incorporate mindfulness into your daily lifestyle. There is no one size fits all and a part of self-care is understanding what works for you. Some people may find mindfulness through art, some through walking or even through sports, essentially it’s looking at what helps you to feel focused and sparks joy, these moments will allow room for self-reflection in order to give a mindful awakening.

Georgia’s top tips: 

My tips for anyone feeling stressed or burnt out is slow down! Just stop for a moment and breathe. I am continuously telling people it is OK to say no to loved ones or to cancel plans and it is important to put your own needs first before anybody else. Make alone time a priority to think and process, focusing on your own energy. Journaling can help us to understand our own thoughts so write a list of what brings you joy and what helps you to relax and make time for those things - big or small. Write down what is making you feel stressed or anxious and get to know what your triggers are - hire a coach to work on solutions to those problems. Remember it is a process, things won’t magically change overnight but embrace the journey and be kind to yourself.  

Self-care is so unique and means different things to us all, it is your responsibility to find out what it means for you. It isn’t always about a hot bubble bath, face mask and an early night (although that works a treat) sometimes it’s about saying no to plans with someone you love or holding off on a project you are excited about until you have more energy. It’s being honest and prioritising you and your mental wellbeing not just your physical wellbeing. Sometimes we over complicate things when really all we need to remember is to spend time with people who are good for our mental health and do things that make us feel good. It’s that simple. 



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