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Coaching Empowered My Life – By Melanie Coeshott


This is my story. I can’t believe I’ve only been coaching a year, but it feels so natural now. I feel like I’ve been doing it much longer…

Why coaching?

I’ve always been interested in developing myself and others around me, from both a work and a personal perspective. As a corporate accountant for over 20 years, managing people for much of this time, I’ve increasingly enjoyed the people aspects of my job more than anything else. I even considered moving to an HR role! I then realised I was just looking for a bigger purpose in my life.

A coach-friend suggested that coaching could be a way to support my vision and mentioned The Coaching Academy’s 2-Days to me as a way to find out more.

At first, I saw coaching as a way of earning a living, while enabling me to spend more time doing what I really wanted – my Age Life Balance blog. Little did I realise that coaching would become so important in supporting my own growth and development, as well as enabling me to better support others through Age Life Balance.

My journey to becoming a coach

Having a passion for learning, the great thing is that there has been, and continues to be, so much to learn! 

When I signed up for The Coaching Academy's 2-Day event, I was intrigued, yet slightly sceptical. I came away feeling really energised and wanting to learn more. My coaching journey with TCA then began. I was welcomed with open arms!

I’ve particularly enjoyed all of the different tools and models that I’ve learned (and practised) along the way. It’s amazing to have built up such a rich, varied and practical tool kit, that can be taken out and applied in a variety of different situations.

The combination of learning techniques has really worked for me – pre-work, Accelerator Days, webinars, exercises, trying things out with practice clients, additional reading etc. Individually each has been useful, but combined, even more so.

The most rewarding part of the course has been coaching ‘real people’. Even in the early stages of my training, I felt I was able to have a positive impact on their lives, and this has only grown as I’ve become more confident and experienced. This has been encouraged and enabled as part of the qualification requirements, but also through the support gained from TCA and other students along the way.

I love being able to empower and enable change in others. There is something truly magical about seeing this transformation. 

My favorite coaching question is, “Looking at your diary, what 3 things are preventing you from achieving your dreams?”

Fitting coaching into my life

My life was already pretty full before I started coaching. On the personal front I have family, sporting and voluntary commitments. Working full-time, I also have work commitments to balance. My interest in and passion for coaching has allowed me to fit in coaching study and practice on top my prior commitments.

The modular nature of the TCA courses has worked well for me, as well as being able to choose when to start and how quickly to proceed, in which order etc. Having the accelerator days at weekends also made it possible for me in the first place.

My current situation

I’ve recently launched Age Life Balance Coaching. I coach for Positive Ageing: Helping people to Be, Do and Have from an ageing perspective.

Still working full-time right now, I am very fortunate to be able to incorporate internal coaching into my role. This is proving invaluable for continuing to build up my experience and confidence.

I’m also doing a variety of things to support my business, including sales and marketing courses, networking, contacting existing connections etc. I am working with a coach to support this. My goal is that Age Balance Coaching takes off in 2018, and ultimately allows me to step away from my job.

My top tips

Dive right in!  Sign up for the TCA 2-day Course if you are interested in learning more about coaching. It’s great reading a course prospectus or a coaching book or researching online, but it isn’t until you experience something that you can really get it.

In the same vein, get a coach! It’s the best way to really understand the power of coaching.

For coaches currently in training

Practice! Coach as much as you can – and try to spread this out throughout your training.

Momentum! Try and keep going with your studies, if possible. Like many things, it’s easier than stopping and having to get started again.

Requirements! Check out all the qualification requirements up front, make a plan for how to address them and tick them off as you go.

For coaches about to qualify

This is such a momentous step! Use the checklists and other resources from the TCA website to check the requirements. Get another coach to read through your paperwork, if possible.

For those launching their coaching business

Coach your heart out! Find ways to coach – even non-paid opportunities – to keep your coaching muscles exercised.

Freebies! Check out the many resources targeted at helping coaches to expand their businesses. I’m currently enjoying The Prosperous Coach.

Connections! Build your network – many clients come from referrals and are likely to come from your direct or indirect connections.

Also check out the TCA video ‘Why Coaches Aren’t More Successful’ for some great common-sense advice.

If Melanie's words have inspired you and you feel that Coaching could be a potential full or part time opportunity for you, or if you would just like to know a little more about what Coaching is and how it can benefit you and the lives of others, please contact our Specialist Course Advisor, Jamil on 0208 996 4830 or email: Jamil@the-coaching-academy.com

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