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GROW Model Infographic – From The Coaching Academy


The GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Will/Way forward) model is the most common and widely used coaching tool. It enables the coach to structure a coaching conversation and deliver a meaningful result logically and effectively. GROW needs to be practised but once mastered is incredibly adaptable to many different coaching styles and scenarios.

Once the Wheel of Life has been utilised as an initial tool to help determine the client’s priorities, the GROW model can be used to narrow in on specific goals and actions to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • G – The goal stage is focused on aiming for future results. The goal/s are a result, or even a level of performance that you or your client want to achieve. After setting life priorities, in order to reach levels of satisfaction in these areas, specific goals must be set. 
  • R – This reality stage is related to thinking about the present circumstances. Where are you in relation to what you want, and how far have you already come? By your client understanding their current reality, they are able to effectively come up with a list of options.
  • O – This stage is about figuring out the ‘Options’ available to your client to achieve their goal. It’s about coming up with as many ideas as your client can. There are to be no leading questions, and there’s no need to be confined by realistic ideas. The more ideas, the better, be creative.
  • W – This stage is about the client/s will in taking the next action/s towards their goal/s. There’s no good having a great goal, understand their reality, and have plenty of options, if they have no will to execute. Out of the list of options, which of those will your client take action on. How will that feel and is there anything that could stop them from taking that action?

In order to spark the inspiration within clients to take action in the ‘Will’ section, the ICE factor is a useful tool:

I: What’s your intention about taking the action? Scale of 1-10.

C: What’s your level of commitment level? Scale of 1-10.

E: What’s your level of enthusiasm? Scale of 1-10.

This effective goal-setting model can be used time and time again. That’s the beauty of its straightforwardness. Any industry or client can fit their goals into the GROW model and achieve fast results.

Enjoy this simple infographic depiction of the GROW model below:

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