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The International Coaching Awards

The Coaching Academy firmly believes that great work achieved by its coaches deserves recognition and so the awards ceremony was born. After last year's hugely successful event we remain committed to celebrating the fantastic achievements of TCA qualified coaches who continually inspire and make a difference to the lives of so many.

Meet the 2017 Winners!

Life Coach Of The Year Award 2017

Jess Strachwitz Hamilton

Finalists also included: Sherry Bevan & Claire Cahill

Executive Coach Of The Year 2017

Allison Spargo

Finalists also included: Francoise Orlov & Hamid Safaei

Best Newcomer Of The Year 2017

David McCormick

Finalists also included: Stuart Betteridge & Penny Barker

Small Business Coach Of The Year 2017

Sian Rowsell

Finalists also included: Debbie Robinson & Julie Hutchison

Coaching For A Cause Award 2017

Deborah Cundy

Finalists also included: Jen Gale & Clara Wilcox

NLP Practitioner of The Year 2017

Andreia Trigo

Finalists also included: Teresa Bulford-Cooper & Colin Wall

International Coach Of The Year 2017

Rafael Brasil Pompeo

Finalists also included: Nigel Carl Azzopardi & Francoise Orlov

CPD Coach Of The Year

Marion Hewitt

Finalists also included: Nikki Wild & Darren Hemsworth

Coaching Within Education

Ania Jeffries

Finalists also included: Sarah Bramall & Eva Mantzourani

Meet the 2016 Winners!

Life Coach Of The Year Award 2017

David Hare

David works with both corporate and private clients across the UK and the world ranging from PR and logistics professionals, to start-up business owners and those from the film and theatre industries in the UK and Hollywood. His book 'The Buddha in me, the Buddha in you' was published by Penguin random house earlier this year helping many to explore the spiritual meaning in their lives. David has been featured on BBC radio London and written a feature about coaching tools for a health publication produced by Holland and Barrett and alongside his coaching and writing, David also uses his coaching skills in a voluntary capacity with a worldwide Buddhist peace movement.

Executive Coach Of The Year 2017

Claire Cahill (Accendo Coaching)

Since qualifying in 2012 Claire has worked with a number of managers in small, medium and large organisations helping them to coach their teams more effectively, develop their skills and tailored workshops around their needs. She has continually invested into her CPD with further study and is a treasurer of the 3 shires coaching group, she also recently published a book titled: 'Empowering Employee Engagement - How to Ignite your team for peak performance' which is centred around the coaching framework and tools that she has successfully applied to motivate employee performance.

Best Newcomer Of The Year 2017

Ali Shaw (Ad-coaching)

After a successful 20 years as a television presenter, which includes presenting the ITV national news, Daybreak and Sky Sports News, Ali was approached to share her experience, and train young presenters and it was at this time that she discovered her passion for Coaching. Ali Shaw attained a distinction in her Personal Performance Diploma within a space of 8 months and since qualifying has already made significant strides in getting her Confidence Coaching business up and running, alongside investing into expanding her skillset with continual professional development.

Small Business Coach Of The Year 2017

Rita Chowdhry (Savran)

Having won the 'best newcomer award' in 2015, Rita has gone from strength to strength and has continued to grow her business with her unique trademarked framework 'SAVVI' - to facilitate positive change. Rita has gone on to help businesses develop their people, identify blind spots in how they manage and run their businesses through the power of coaching. She has worked with smaller businesses and larger well known ones such as the met police, KFC and Hallmark care homes. Rita has also invested extensively into her CPD and is a member of a number of networking groups and membership bodies and recently won an award for 'best coach' at The BEST Business Women Awards.

Coaching For A Cause Award 2017

Meg Batch (Active Plus)

Meg volunteers with an organisation called Active plus, who take wounded, injured and sick (WIS) military veterans on as volunteer facilitators. Clients come from a wide variety of sources, eg Mental Health organisations, self-referrals, Job Centre, GPs surgeries, local councils - with one thing in common - they are all at rock bottom. Through a combination of practical exercises and life-coaching principles, they learn to come to terms with their challenges and to believe in themselves again. Previously working with the RAF, Skill force and developing programmes for formerly homeless 16-25 yr olds Meg epitomises the benefits of coaching and is a role model for coaching for a cause.

NLP Practitioner of The Year 2017

Miranda Adams (Mirala Health)

Qualifying as an NLP Practitioner in 2013 and specialising in healthy recovery for 12 years, Miranda works with people with illness and disability challenges in order to live a life of possibility. Blending together her skills of training, health recovery coaching, nutritional planning and NLP, Miranda Is focused on developing health success plans for her clients. Having previously undergone her own health challenges she is able to emphasise with her clients and regularly runs Coaching groups to assist individuals to improve and overcome their health challenges.

International Coach Of The Year 2017

Christelle Maignan (Coaching For Translators)

Since qualifying in 2014, Christelle has specialised in coaching freelance translators and interpreters and gone on to promote coaching in the translation industry. Since completing her Personal Performance Diploma she has gone on to further her study, is an active member of The ICF and has completed a number of CPD activities. Having successfully given a number of talks in Norway, London and Prague on a variety of coaching topics, she was recently invited to write an article for the American Translators Association and was featured on their September/October issue of their Chronicle publication allowing her to spread awareness on coaching topics to over 13,000 people in 95 countries.

Meet the 2015 Winners!

Life Coach Of The Year Award 2015

Carolyne Crowe

Carolyne works with veterinary teams and individuals within the profession coaching them through professional and personal challenges and helping them to build more effective, productive and harmonious teams, she also runs workshops and training sessions that focus on leadership, team building and stress management techniques helping professionals to get the most out of their lives and careers.

Youth Coach Of The Year 2015

Mark Anderson (Kickstart Careers)

Mark works in 3 different schools, focusing on career coaching; he continually makes a positive contribution to the careers of the young people he coaches.

Parent Coach Of The Year 2015

Sharon Lawton (Natural-Flair Coaching)

Sharon works with parents identified by social services as needing coaching. She coaches to help break unhelpful patterns of behaviour in parenting and empowers people to become the parent they want to be, helping families to move their relationships forwards.

NLP Coach Of The Year 2015

Elizabeth Ryan (Ice Cool Confidence)

Elizabeth coaches mind-set skills and mental resilience to young figure skaters and their parents. She helps skaters to overcome nerves and enhance their confidence for British championships and international competition, helping skaters to accelerate their performance. It was a double celebration on Saturday as Elizabeth travelled back from Sheffield from the British UK men’s championship, one of Elizabeth’s clients had won a gold medal for British championship for the junior men’s category of skaters, and he has also been featured on a CBBC programme that follows talented figure skaters.

Executive Coach Of The Year 2015

Julie Hutchison

Julie coaches leaders of technical teams to increase productivity through leadership skills. She coaches people with her leadership programme across the police force and engineering companies helping businesses to stand out in their business. 

Small Business Coach of The Year 2015

Tina Dulieu (Coaching Dynamics)

Tina coaches business owners in strategic business planning and organisational structure for growth. She helps business owners to tap into their potential, empathises with their challenges and asks them the coaching questions that can steer them in the direction they want to go.

Best Newcomer Of The Year 2015

Rita Chowdhry (Savran)

Rita coaches organisations to help them gain a better understanding of its people to accelerate their performance. She works closely with SME’s, entrepreneurs and managers from diverse groups and backgrounds to promote positive change within organisations.

International Coach Of The Year 2015

Dominika Miernik (DM coaching)

Dominika specialises in career and expat coaching. She helps her clients with international career change, helping them to navigate through the challenges and opportunities associated with discovering a new career and adapting to a new country so that they can transition effortlessly into their desired lifestyle. 

Coaching For A Cause Award 2015

Christopher Catt (The Life Coach Station)

Christopher coaches employees, managers and business owners with disabilities and long term health conditions. He helps those with disabilities to achieve success in their careers. He is a role model to all those he works with, inspiring them to unlock their potential.

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