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The International Coaching Awards

The Coaching Academy firmly believes that the outstanding work achieved by its coaches deserves recognition - and so, the International Coaching Awards was born. Now in its fourth year, the awards ceremony was larger than ever in 2018 and we are so excited to see the annual black-tie event grow from strength to strength.

TCA remains committed to celebrating the fantastic achievements of our community and want to acknowledge all the outstanding coaches who were shortlisted, finalists and winners. As our inspiring CEO, Bev James said to open the evening...

"There is nothing average about anyone in this room. It's not just about the people that will receive an award but for all of the people who were nominated and for every coach who is changing lives every day and every one of you that keeps pushing their own boundaries to be the best they can be, tonight is for you."

We extend our warmest thanks to our team, trainers, course managers and our fantastic TCA community, who came together to celebrate all of our qualified coaches who continually inspire and make a difference to the lives of so many.

From the 100's of nominations, the following 65 coaches were shortlisted for the 9 awards:

Andy Wheeldon
Angela Sothern
Ania Jeffries
Anjoom Mukadam
Bonita Ackerman du Preez
Claire Cahill
Colin Wall
Danny West
David Mccormick
Debbie Brown
Deborah Cundy
Debra Mcandrew
Donna Smith
Ebonie Allard
Ed Peters
Eleanor Barber

Elizabeth Wyn-Davies
Emily Bal
Estelle des Georges
Fiona Stimson
Francoise Orlov
Hauwa Abbas
Heather Thompson
Jeff Hardman
Joanne Sheri Mason
Jonathan Rooke
Judith Quin
Karen Bishi
Karen Kissane
Kate Bishop
Katie Frances Stoddart
Katy Richmond Mahoney

Louise Hook
Lynne Walder
Marcela Soler
Maria Mastrogianni
Mark Anderson
Marta Czerwiec
Martin Robert Hall
Melanie Coeshott
Mike Small
Mohinish Khosla
Monika Schott
Nieves Rodriguez
Nigel Azzopardi
Olajumoke Oritsegbone
Paul Dorrington
Penny Whitelock

Rachel Russell
Rebecca Norton
Reg Goslin
Rhiannon Oakley
Rosalind Evans
Sabrina Lee
Sarah Bramall
Sarah Ellis
Sarah Gordon
Sayyida Bano
Sharon Lawton
Sian Rowsell
Stasia Bantov
Stuart Betteridge
Tina Dulieu
Wendy O'Brien

The International Coaching Awards 2018 Winners

Life Coach of the Year

Donna Smith

Finalists: Donna Smith, Katy Mason, Stuart Betteridge

International Coach of the Year

Ebonie Allard

Finalists: Jeff Hardman, Ebonie Allard, Estelle des Georges

Executive Coach of the Year

Elizabeth Wyn-Davies

Finalists: Tina Dulieu, Andy Wheeldon, Elizabeth Wyn-Davies

Small Business Coach of the Year

Martin Robert Hall

Finalists: Sarah Ellis, Martin Robert Hall, Karen Kissane

NLP Practitioner of the Year

Joanne Sheri Mason

Finalists: Joanne Sheri Mason, Colin Wall, Stasia Banto

Coaching Within Education Award

Debra McAndrew

Finalists: Debra McAndrew, Maureen Sydney, Teresa Bulford-Cooper

Best Newcomer

Katie Frances Stoddart

Finalists: Heather Thompson, Olajumoke Oritsegbone, Katie Frances Stoddart

CPD Coach of the Year

Mohinish Khosla

Finalists: Mohinish Khosla, Paul Kaye, Liz Robinson

Coaching for a Cause Award

Rosalind Evans

Finalists: Sarah Bramall, Rosalind Evans, Danny West

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