Small Business Coaching Diploma

Specialise in working with small business leaders. People who form the backbone of the local economy. You already know them, they run the businesses you pass every day on
your high street.

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Small Business Coaching

Will this Diploma suit you?

The small business coaching Diploma has been designed to help you guide your clients through the early stages or the later stages of business, through the tough times and the good times. If you gain personal and professional satisfaction from helping those who operate within the small business sector reach their goals, then this Diploma for you.

What is the Small Business Coaching Diploma?

This diploma works to help you acquire the necessary coaching skills to work with those who run or work within a small business.

A small business is defined by The Coaching Academy as one which employs between...

What you will learn

Once you have acquired your core coaching skills, this Diploma helps you build a specific bank of tools and strategies designed for those who own, manage or work within a small business. You will learn how to help deal with subjects such as strategic planning, performance KPIs, Customer Focus, individual goal setting, work-life balance among others.

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