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Confidence Coaching

With Pam Lidford
Pam Lidford

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CPD for Coaches Programme One-Day Workshop

This day is part of our Continual Professional Development (CPD) for Coaches Programme. The day is only suitable for qualified or nearly qualified coaches.

Many people seek out a coach to help them with personal and professional confidence, either in a private or corporate setting. This workshop has been created to equip you with a set of tools to help you confidently deal with these situations.

  • Self-esteem v self-confidence; the differences and how they impact on self-belief and goals
  • Helping clients to recognise their limiting beliefs
  • Helping clients to recognise their empowering beliefs
  • Helping clients to change their limiting beliefs
  • Helping clients to use their empowering beliefs
  • Success and how it impacts on confidence
  • Perception and focus
  • Anchoring and its use
  • Creating tools and exercises to move clients forward

Self-esteem v self-confidence; the differences and how they impact on clients

Often clients come to coaching declaring they have a confidence issue, yet as they start to explore and share their issues, they discover that, in fact, they are already confident in many areas of their lives.

People who they trust tell them they know and see a confident individual and the client reports knowing that deep inside they feel they are confident too. However, they still have the belief that they have a confidence issue. They just canít quite put it into words.

During this one-day Master Class on confidence we will be discovering the differences between self-confidence and self-esteem and how to help your clients understand them.

Belief and goals

Clients set themselves goals that they want, they get excited about them, they visualise and feel them, they say positive affirmations about them and when they are with you in a coaching session they feel confident about them.

Sometimes, in the times between coaching sessions, they begin to doubt themselves and let their old fears creep in causing them to lose motivation and feel anxious. During the day, you will look at ways to help clients to prepare for such events and create a motivational toolkit to dip into.

Success and how it impacts on confidence

Sometimes clients tell their coach they canít be successful because they donít feel confident. During the day you will spend time exploring success and what it means and then look at exercises you can do with your clients to assist them in creating their own success, building upon it, drawing from past experiences and then using it to build their confidence.

During the day you will also be discussing tools and activities that can assist clients in developing their confidence. By the end of the day, you will have created your own confidence tools and exercises to use with your clients both in a coaching session and for assigments between coaching sessions.

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